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 Hiring Range $34,000 - $44,000 DOQ

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Benefits Complete medical/health/life/vision and dental package; vacation, holidays, personal and sick days; IMRF

Function The Recreation Coordinator is responsible for planning, leading, and evaluating assigned recreation and leisure programs.

Supervision The Recreation Coordinator is responsible to the Inclusion Manager.

Duties To instruct recreation and leisure programs as developed and sponsored by SEASPAR, with a range of twelve - sixteen hours of direct leadership per week. To plan and coordinate Special Olympics and sports programs which must meet the needs and interests of SEASPAR's residents in addition to coordinating the use of community facilities to meet program needs. To coordinate all aspects of the summer school cooperative programs (SASED). To plan a variety of aquatic programs which must meet the needs and interests of SEASPAR's residents in addition to coordinating the use of community facilities to meet program needs. To plan and coordinate several large-scale sporting events on an annual basis, including a swim meet, bowling tournament and various other sports competitions. To assist with developing, organizing, and planning weekly activities, special events, day camp, and leisure education programs for people with disabilities. To develop program goals and objectives, maintain attendance, and write evaluation reports for assigned programs. To actively support SEASPAR’s risk management program. To assist in the planning of seasonal programs and special events. To develop and manage department budgets, revenue and expenditures. Assist in the formulation and management of the recreation department budget.
To prepare and present reports relative to job duties. To assist with preparation and distribution of SEASPAR brochures and promotional materials. To obtain and maintain training and certification in first aid, CPR, Handle with Care, and others related to duties. To attend job related in-services, conferences, workshops, and classes. To monitor local, state, and national trends as they relate to SEASPAR functions. To perform other job related duties as assigned.

Essential Functions Must be able to sit 70% of the work day. Must be able to carry equipment up to 35 lbs. for up to 100 feet. Lift equipment/participants up to 50 lbs. Push participants in wheelchairs. Must be able to transfer individuals from wheelchairs to stationary seats, including restroom transfers. Must be able to drive agency vehicles and operate wheelchair lifts and tie-downs. Must have the ability to use telephone, computer, and office equipment and access files in cabinets. Must have mobility to move from one facility to another during the work day.

Worker Traits The knowledge of the basic philosophical foundation of recreation and leisure. The ability to interact effectively with and to plan for individuals with a wide range of disabilities. The ability when necessary to modify and adapt recreation activities to meet participants needs and interests. The knowledge of the philosophy of inclusion as well as ADA Accommodations. The knowledge of current inclusive practices. The knowledge of basic supervisory principles. The knowledge of current employment laws and practices. The ability to interact and plan effectively with the SEASPAR staff, parents, and staff representing park districts, schools, and other community agencies and organizations. The knowledge of schools, nursing homes, group homes, hospitals, clinics, agencies and organizations serving individuals with disabilities. The knowledge of community facilities available for SEASPAR’s use. The knowledge and skill in a wide range of recreation interest areas. The ability to set and evaluate program goals and objectives. The ability to express ideas clearly and concisely; orally and in writing. The ability to be flexible in all aspects of job responsibility. The ability to observe and accurately report on participant behavior and progress. The knowledge of and ability to practice emergency first aid and aquatic safety. The knowledge and demonstration of proper safety measures regarding equipment, supplies, and leadership while conducting programs.

Required Education and Experience – The Recreation Coordinator should be graduated from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor's degree in recreation, therapeutic recreation, special education, or related field. The Recreation Coordinator must be a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS), Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP), or hold the highest level of certification in their field or attain certification within one year.

Condition of Employment – The Recreation Coordinator must be a licensed driver, provide and insure his/her own car, and use his/her own car for SEASPAR business, and must pass the pre-placement physical.

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Dawn Krawiec

 Closing Date

October 5, 2018


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Therapeutic Recreation Program Coordinator

SALARY/SALARY RANGE: This is a Full -Time salaried position ranging from $34,000 - $36,000/yr.

FLSA: Exempt

BENEFITS: Complete medical/health/life/vision and dental package; vacation, holidays, personal and sick days; IMRF pension plan, 457b, NCTRC, IPRA and ATRA Membership, continuing education, and the Member District leisure benefits.

DIRECTLY REPORTS TO: The Executive Director

RESPONSIBLE FOR DIRECTLY SUPERVISING: Assists Executive Director with supervising Part-Time Staff, Volunteers, Day Camp Site Directors, Interns


Responsible for the interviewing, training and orientating, supervising and managing agency part-time staff, Volunteers, Interns, and Program Leaders to work with individuals with different abilities participating in recreation and leisure programs and services within the Kishwaukee Special Recreation Association (KSRA) five member districts. Responsible for maintaining part-time staff records including statistics and preparing monthly and quarterly board reports. Coordinates staffing for all programs, secures subs for programs, assist with part-time staff recruitment and the proofing of part-time staff payroll. Represent KSRA at meetings, support community access to recreation for individuals with disabilities and advocate for the development of recreation programs for everyone. To assist with the coordination of all aspects of the General, Camp, and Inclusion programming for individuals with different abilities. To support the Inclusion process for individuals with different abilities participating in recreation and leisure programs and services within the Kishwaukee Special Recreation Association (KSRA) 5 member districts, in cooperation with the member district staff, the participants and parents/guardians. To assist the Executive Director with in-service training for member district staff and KSRA staff regarding Inclusion and ADA.


  1. Graduate from accredited college or university with a BA/BS degree in Therapeutic Recreation, Parks and Recreation, or related field of study.

  2. Must have knowledge of and ability to confidently work effectively with individuals with different abilities.

  3. Current National Council on Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC) or the ability to get certified within an allotted time determined by the policy of the Association and/or the Executive Director.

  4. Must have a minimum of two years of full time experience with children and adults with various disabilities.

  5. Demonstrate knowledge of disabling conditions, and experience in planning and implementation of a wide range of recreation programs for people with disabilities.

  6. Ability to assess, plan, develop, implement, and evaluate activity programs for recreation, leisure and therapeutic recreation programs.

  7. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively communicate with full-time staff, student interns, part-time staff, volunteers, parents/guardians, participants, park district and school district personnel, as well as members of the general public.

  8. Experience in the supervision, training and evaluation of part time employees with a supervisory style that includes well-developed organizational skills.

  9. Must demonstrate strong leadership qualities; confidence, maturity, flexibility and professionalism.

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 Kishwaukee Special Recreation Association


Dawn Schaefer

 Closing Date

October 10, 2018

 $36,500 - $40,000

Job description fade

The Inclusion Specialist is responsible for the organization, implementation and evaluation of recreational programs for individuals with a disability or special need from child to adult. This position requires the application of specialized therapeutic training to administer a broad recreation delivery of services for individuals with special needs without exclusion from activities or programs. The position is full-time, with hours that fluctuate to accommodate evening and weekend programs, meetings and trainings.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation, Special Education, adaptive physical education or a related field from an accredited collage or university. Ability to complete NCTRC (National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification) or comparable certification within six (6) months of employment. A valid Illinois Driver’s License. Knowledge of the recreational needs of persons with a disability without exclusion. Knowledge and/or training in the area of therapeutic recreation, recreation, special education, adaptive physical education or a related field.

Essential Functions: 1. Under the supervision and direction of the Inclusion Manager work as a team in coordinating, supervising, implementing and evaluating the Inclusion services provided by M-NASR 2. Be knowledgeable of all happenings in the Inclusion area so as to be the key liaison for Inclusion in the absence of the Inclusion Manager (including staffing, payroll, staff supervision and member district relations) 3. Attend trainings and conduct disability specific educational sessions for Member Districts as necessary 4. Direct leadership of leisure services and programs for individuals of all ages with special needs and ability levels 5. Supervision of program participants including behavior management, transferring and other skills necessary for the overall independence and participation of individuals with a disability 6. Plan for programs (social clubs, all-inclusive special events, and Halloween Dance) 7. Supervise Friday night social clubs during program seasons (be available to stay until program begins or otherwise stated by supervisor to ensure a safely run program) 8. Gather, load, transport and set up of equipment necessary for program implementation 9. Assist in the management, training and orientation of support staff 10. Act as liaison for Group Homes (answer any questions or concerns Group Homes may have and communicate any situations/issues to Group Home Contacts) 11. Host Group Home Waiver Meeting every two years and provide orientations as necessary throughout the year 12. Keep an accurate, updated contact list of current Group Home Contacts 13. Organize interviewing schedule for hiring prior to summer season 14. Assist in the daily management of programs through paperwork, record keeping systems, budgets, program evaluations and documentations 15. Earn Lifeguard, CPI, CPR and First Aid/AED certifications within 1 year of employment 16. Other agency-related responsibilities as assigned by Supervisor, Superintendent or Executive Director

Marginal Functions: 1. Drive van or car to daily programs, seasonal special events or away trips 2. Purchase supplies necessary for programs (including social clubs) 3. Attending meetings for state or local organizations 4. Deliver seasonal brochures and other flyers to member district facilities 5. Interview potential staff for summer season 6. Safety Policy Compliance

Safety Considerations: 1. Comply with all M-NASR Safety Policies and Procedures and carry out all tasks in a safe manner 2. Attendance at mandatory safety in-services 3. Member of Safety Committee

Psychological Considerations: 1. Must be able to respond to needs of individuals with disabilities in a sensitive and compassionate manner 2. Must be able to work under loud and stressful conditions 3. Must demonstrate adequate leadership qualities

Physiological Considerations: None

Environmental Considerations: 1. May be exposed to extreme weather conditions (i.e. snow, rain and extreme heat) 2. May be exposed to elements when driving to meetings/programs or when assisting in outdoor functions 3. May be exposed to hazardous vegetation (i.e. poison ivy) during activities

Cognitive Considerations: 1. Must exhibit good problem solving ability and good judgment in keeping the mission of M-NASR 2. Must be able to demonstrate good safety awareness 3. Must be able to follow rules and directions

Essential Physical Capabilities: 1. Prolonged periods of sitting, standing, bending, stooping, and walking 2. Good vision 3. Good hearing at conversation levels 4. Good general health 5. Good speaking capabilities 6. Capable of lifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying items weighing 20-50 pounds with mechanical assistance or team lift.

Pre-placement Examination: screening which would measure the individual’s capability to perform the essential functions of the position. Includes: 1. Complete medical history and physical evaluation 2. Complete vision evaluation 3. Audiogram 4. Drug screen 5. Lifting test up to 20-50 lbs.

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 Maine-Niles Association of Special Recreation


Jennifer Gebeck

 Closing Date

Open Until Filled

 Range $12.00 - $15.00 per hour

Job description fade

Job Title: EAGLES Assistant Supervised by: EAGLES Manager Position Status: Permanent Part Time Fair Labor Standards Act: Non-Exempt Hours: Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday from 8:45 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.


The EAGLES Assistant is responsible for assisting with the EAGLES Program. This includes providing a safe, learning environment for the participants and staff, assisting the coordinator and leader with program planning and lesson plans, and purchasing supplies.

Position Qualifications:
• High School Diploma required; college degree preferred. • Two years direct experience working with individuals with disabilities preferred. • Valid Driver’s License, CDL, CPR/First Aid, CPI/Conflict Resolution. Must have these certifications or be able to obtain within six months. • 21 years of age or older and able to perform the job functions independently of others. • Availability to commit to working Monday – Friday approximately 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. year round with some holiday breaks.

Key Responsibilities:
• Assist EAGLES Coordinator in the development, planning, and implementation of daily activities for EAGLES participants. • Successfully work with Full-Time staff, EAGLES Leader and other Assistants, volunteers, parents, community partners, member entity staff, and individuals with special needs. • Discuss and concerns and issues with EAGLES Coordinator. • Participate and supervise in all planned activities.
• Know the physical, mental, and medical limitations of all participants; be prepared to provide appropriate attention to all participants in all situations. • Ensure safety factors relative to program and participant needs. • Know and use proper disciplinary techniques; provide behavior management when necessary. • Be available to listen to parental concerns and answer questions on behalf of SEASPAR or refer questions to administrative staff. • Create some lesson plans which include appropriate activities, contacts, and timelines. • Ensure that the facility/program site as well as any equipment is properly maintained. • Read, understand, and abide by all SEASPAR policies and procedures.

Marginal Responsibilities:
• Motivate staff and participants to initiate success. Be flexible to change when considering their needs. • Act as an advocate for the participant when necessary. • Provide behavior management when necessary. • Be dependable and punctual. • Encourage participation and development of friendships with other participants in the program. • Gathering, loading, transporting, and setting up equipment if necessary.

Competencies To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies: • Safety and Security: Use good safety awareness, judgment and follow SEASPAR policies at all times; report potentially unsafe conditions; use equipment following manufacturer safety instructions; and follow agency ergonomic policies and procedures. • Problem Solving: Identify and appropriately resolve problems in a timely manner; gathers and analyze information skillfully, develop alternative solutions; work well in group problem solving situations; use reason even when dealing with emotional topics. • Interpersonal Skills: Focus on solving conflict, not blaming; maintain confidentiality; listen to others without interrupting; keep emotions under control; remain open to others’ ideas; and try new things. • Oral Communication/Language Skills: Speak clearly and effectively in all situations; listen and ask for clarification from supervisor if needed; respond appropriately to questions; read and interpret all necessary agency documents. • Written Communication: Write clearly and informatively; edit work for spelling and grammar; be able to interpret written information; and present clear, legible handwriting for all SEASPAR forms and documents. • Judgment/Reasoning Ability: Exhibit sound and accurate judgment when making all program related decisions; solve problems involving a few concrete variable; include appropriate people in the decision making process. • Professionalism: Approach others in a tactful manner, react well under pressure; treat others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position; accept responsibility for own actions; follow through on commitments. • Adaptability: Adapt to changes in the work environment; manage competing demands; change approach or method as necessary; deal with frequent changes, delays, unexpected events or program cancellations. • Attendance/Punctuality: Demonstrate consistent attendance and on time arrival; ensure responsibilities are covered when absent; arrive at meetings, in-services, and trainings on time. • Dependability: Follow instructions, respond to management direction; take responsibility for own actions; keep commitments; commit to long hours of work when necessary; and complete tasks on time. • Leadership: Lead participants to have successful recreation experiences, demonstrate positive interactions with other staff members, individuals with disabilities, and parents/guardians; the ability to enlist the support of others to accomplish a common task. • Adaptability: Adapt activities based on the skill level and needs of each participant to encourage appropriate participation on a regular basis.

Physical Demands: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the key responsibilities of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the key responsibilities.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to sit; use hands to finger, handle, or feel; reach with hands and arms; climb or balance; stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl and talk or hear. The employee is required to stand and walk. The employee must occasionally lift and/or transfer up to 50 pounds. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and the ability to adjust focus.

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Cathy Morava

 Closing Date

Open Until Filled

 Starting at $14.45 per hour

Job description fade

The Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association is looking for a trustworthy therapeutic recreation professional who is ready for the job of a lifetime! Join our fun work atmosphere filled with innovative staff. Does compassion for individuals with disabilities just come naturally for you? The NISRA team could be the place for you.

Our NISRA core values of FUN, PROFESSIONAL, COMPASSIONATE, TRUSTWORTHY AND INNOVATIVE clearly describe the culture by which we are guided in all of our programs, people we hire and places where we provide services.

Position: Part-Time Recreation Specialist

        Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association
        285 Memorial Drive
        Crystal Lake, IL  60014
        (815) 459-0737

Qualifications: Must be a high school graduate or equivalent with a minimum of (1) year experience in a recreation setting. Bachelor’s degree (in process) in Therapeutic Recreation or related field preferred. Candidates must have general knowledge and skills to instruct sports and games, swimming, fitness, arts & crafts, outdoor, general recreation and social programs for individuals with disabilities. Must possess strong communication, leadership, planning and organizational skills as well as basic computer knowledge. Candidates must be at least 21 years of age or older, have a valid Class “D” driver’s license and be First Aid/CPR certified, or attain upon hiring. In accordance with federal, state and local laws, it is the policy of NISRA to provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified persons.

Summary: The primary responsibility of this position is to organize, plan and lead weekly recreation programs, social clubs and special events for individuals with disabilities of all ages. The Part-Time Recreation Specialist gives direction to, supervises and evaluates assisting staff and volunteers in assigned programs. Other duties include transporting participants in NISRA para-transit vehicles, coaching Special Olympic sports (which may require travel and/or overnights), assisting with overnight trips, and other administrative duties as assigned. Plan, lead and drive for programs an average of 30-35 hours per week, including afternoons, evenings and weekends (Saturdays required during program season). Schedule is determined based on need and availability during the 4 NISRA program seasons (approximately 30 weeks per year). This position averages 20 hours per week outside of the 4 NISRA program seasons.

Salary: Starting at $14.45 per hour

Benefits: IMRF pension plan, monthly mileage reimbursement, sick, vacation, holidays, personal days.

Start Date: ASAP

To Apply:
Please submit cover letter and resume to: NISRA Attn: Kelly Kronwall 285 Memorial Drive Crystal Lake, IL 60014

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 Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association (NISRA)


Kelly Kronwall

 Closing Date

Open Until Filled