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The Camp Coordinator is responsible for the administration, development, and implementation of all Day Camps. The employee must function with administrative and professional discretion under the supervision of the Recreation Coordinator. The Camp Coordinator shall exercise immediate supervision over all the Camp Site Directors, Head Counselors and Camp Counselors.
Work Location: Winfield Park District

Contact with Others: Position involves regular internal contact and contact with outsiders generally on routine matters, including daily conversation with camp parents at drop off and pick up.
Essential Job Functions:
•     Oversee the daily operations of Mighty Munchkins, Camp Winfield, and Snow Days Camp.
•     Coordinate with the Recreation Coordinator in creating a schedule of events and calendars for each session throughout the summer.
•     Actively supervise counselors on a regular basis to ensure staff is following proper procedures and adhering to safe practices.
•     Assist with creation of staff schedules and know when camp counselors are doing any switches.
•     Maintain orderly records and file appropriate documents with the Recreation Coordinator in a timely manner, which may include: attendance records, lesson plans, behavior/incident reports, accident reports, receipts, etc.
•     Compile and submit a list of supplies and materials requested by staff and upon approval purchase and distribute those items to the requesting camps.
•     Coordinate staff training and regular staff meetings with camp staff to address day camp issues.
•     Develop and implement pool rotation to ensure camp participants are being properly supervised in and out of the water.
•     Adhere to scheduled hours.
•     Collect and review weekly lesson plans from staff and make suggestions on any necessary changes. File finalized lesson plans with the Recreation Coordinator.
•     Attend all field trips and submit check requests and receipts in a timely manner.
•     Supervise field trips and assign camp counselors to camp groups as necessary.
•     Coordinate with Recreation Coordinator to develop a room usage schedule before and during camp.
•     Ensure classrooms and equipment are maintained properly and encourage orderly storage of supplies and materials in classrooms and storage closets.
•     Communicate effectively with participants and parents.
•     Communicate any accidents, safety concerns, maintenance issues, parent complaints, etc. directly to Recreation Coordinator.
•     Meet daily with the Recreation Coordinator to communicate issues and requests related to the program.
•     Follow district and departmental safety, personnel, and administrative policies, procedures, and ordinances.
Other Job Functions:
•     Demonstrate and support park district customer service standards.
•     Help with creation of activity calendar and distribute calendar each week.
•     Assist the Recreation Coordinator in evaluating staff at the end of the season.
•     Distribute flyers or other information to participants when required.
•     Carry out any other duties as assigned by the Recreation Coordinator, including substituting as a counselor as needed.

Requirements of Work:
•     High School Diploma or equivalent.
•     A minimum of two-year experience in working as a Camp Director or Head Counselor.
•     Must be certified or willing to attain certification in CPR and First Aid.

Knowledge of:
•     Possess knowledge of child development.
•     Excellent communication skills and the ability to work well with the general public, parents and fellow staff members.
•     Basic knowledge of the Winfield Park District procedures, so information can be given to participants when necessary.
•     Outstanding organizational skills.
•     Basic computer skills, including knowledge of Microsoft Word, Access, and Publisher.

Ability to:
•     Effectively supervise program participants
•     Lead activities when needed
•     Be creative in delivery of activities
•     Work well with the general public, parents and fellow staff members
•     Ability to swim.
Skill in:
•     Communication with all staff, including the Recreation Coordinator.
•     Requires flexibility of work schedule.
•     Work is subject to inside/outside environmental conditions.
•     Requires occasional lifting of heavy objects weighing up to 40 pounds.
•     Requires being in chlorinated water and proficient swimming capabilities
Necessary Special Requirements:

•     Possession of valid driver’s license
•     First Aid/CPR/AED certification

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