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Inclusion Specialist

Accountability: Inclusion Manager

The Inclusion Specialist is responsible for the organization, implementation and evaluation of recreational programs for individuals with a disability or special need from child to adult. This position requires the application of specialized therapeutic training to administer a broad recreation delivery of services for individuals with special needs without exclusion from activities or programs. The position is full-time, with hours that fluctuate to accommodate evening and weekend programs, meetings and trainings.


Bachelor’s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation, Special Education, adaptive physical education or a related field from an accredited collage or university. Ability to complete NCTRC (National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification) or comparable certification within six (6) months of employment. A valid Illinois Driver’s License. Knowledge of the recreational needs of persons with a disability without exclusion. Knowledge and/or training in the area of therapeutic recreation, recreation, special education, adaptive physical education or a related field.

Essential Functions:

  1. Under the supervision and direction of the Inclusion Manager work as a team in coordinating, supervising, implementing and evaluating the Inclusion services provided by M-NASR

  2. Be knowledgeable of all happenings in the Inclusion area so as to be the key liaison for Inclusion in the absence of the Inclusion Manager (including staffing, pay roll, staff supervision and member district relations)

  3. Attend trainings and conduct disability specific educational sessions for Member Districts as necessary

  4. Direct leadership of leisure services and programs for individuals of all ages with special needs and ability levels

  5. Supervision of program participants including behavior management, transferring and other skills necessary for the overall independence and participation of individuals with a disability

  6. Plan for programs (social clubs, all-inclusive special events, Sock Hop Dance and Halloween Dance)

  7. Supervise Friday night social clubs during program seasons (be available to stay until program begins or otherwise stated by supervisor to ensure a safely run program)

  8. Gather, load, transport and set up of equipment necessary for program implementation

  9. Assist in the management, training and orientation of support staff

  10. Act as liaison for Group Homes (answer any questions or concerns Group Homes may have and communicate any situations/issues to Group Home Contacts)

  11. Host Group Home Waiver Meeting every two years and provide orientations as necessary throughout the year

  12. Keep an accurate, updated contact list of current Group Home Contacts

  13. Organize interviewing schedule for hiring prior to summer season

  14. Assist in the daily management of programs through paperwork, record keeping systems, budgets, program evaluations and documentations

  15. Earn Lifeguard, CPI, CPR and First Aid/AED certifications within 1 year of employment

  16. Other agency-related responsibility as assigned by Supervisor, Superintendent or Executive Director

Marginal Functions:

  1. Drive van or car to daily programs, seasonal special events or away trips

  2. Purchase supplies necessary for programs (including social clubs)

  3. Attending meetings for state or local organizations

  4. Deliver seasonal brochures and other flyers to member district facilities

  5. Interview potential staff for summer season

  6. Safety Policy Compliance

Safety Considerations:

  1. Comply with all M-NASR Safety Policies and Procedures and carry out all tasks in a safe manner

  2. Attendance at mandatory safety in-services

  3. Member of Safety Committee

Psychological Considerations:

  1. Must be able to respond to needs of individuals with disabilities in a sensitive and compassionate manner

  2. Must be able to work under loud and stressful conditions

  3. Must demonstrate adequate leadership qualities

Physiological Considerations: None

Environmental Considerations:

  1. May be exposed to extreme weather conditions (i.e. snow, rain and extreme heat)

  2. May be exposed to elements when driving to meetings/programs or when assisting in outdoor functions

  3. May be exposed to hazardous vegetation (i.e. poison ivy) during activities

Cognitive Considerations:

  1. Must exhibit good problem solving ability and good judgment in keeping the mission of M-NASR

  2. Must be able to demonstrate good safety awareness

  3. Must be able to follow rules and directions

Essential Physical Capabilities:

  1. Prolonged periods of sitting, standing, bending, stooping, and walking

  2. Good vision

  3. Good hearing at conversation levels

  4. Good general health

  5. Good speaking capabilities

  6. Capable of lifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying items weighing 20-50 pounds with mechanical assistance or team lift.

Pre-placement Examination: screening which would measure the individual’s capability to perform the essential functions of the position. Includes:

  1. Complete medical history and physical evaluation

  2. Complete vision evaluation

  3. Audiogram

  4. Drug screen

  5. Lifting test up to 20-50 lbs.

 Maine-Niles Association of Special Recreation


Beth Kimura

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