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Qualifications: 1. Bachelor’s degree preferred in Therapeutic Recreation or a related field. NCTRC eligibility desired. Related experience will be considered.
2. Must have the ability and knowledge to plan, supervise, implement, and evaluate therapeutic recreation programs.
3. Must demonstrate leadership skills and possess strong oral and written communication skills.
4. Valid Illinois Driver’s License required.
5. First Aid, CPR is required or attainable upon employment.
6. Pre-employment physical including drug and alcohol test required.

The Recreation Specialist is responsible for the organization, implementation, and evaluation of recreation programs for individuals with disabilities. The position is full-time, but hours must be flexible to accommodate evening, weekend and overnight programs. The Recreation Specialist is responsible for approximately 20-30 hours of leading programs per week and to supervise 3-4 special events each season. Programs run seasonally for 26-28 weeks of the year. The remainder of time is dedicated to program planning, miscellaneous programs, development and trips. Driving is essential to the position. Recreation Specialist is required to transport self to programs they supervise or staff. Also, must be trained to drive SSSRA vehicles for transportation of participants, equipment and other program needs.

1. Supervise, plan, implement, lead and evaluate weekly programs, day camps, cooperative programs, special events, away trips, and occasionally inclusion programs. 2. Provide supervision and care of individuals, including behavior management, dispensing
medication, and assistance in daily self-care. 3. Professionally communicate with parents, guardians, co-workers, outside agencies, and other professionals. 4. To assist the Superintendent in implementing the outreach efforts of the association according to the Strategic Plan Initiatives. Meet with school personnel in order to promote SSSRA services and events when applicable. Supervise outreach special events and after school programs. 5. Plan for and coordinate the Day Trippers/Sunday Social Club program. Planning consists of creating seasonal calendars, buying tickets, gathering supplies, and routing participant transportation. 6. Plan for and coordinate overnight camps. Planning consists of developing an agenda/calendar, packing lists, overnight forms, medication distribution records.
Information then provided to participants, families, part-time staff and placed in program information binder. 7. To serve as the alternate Safety Coordinator for agency program areas. To assist in the preparation for PDRMA Loss Control Reviews. Duties include, but are not limited to those guidelines outlined by the agency’s risk management program. 8. Assist in orientation and training of part-time staff and volunteers. 9. Write and prepare routine and special reports. 10. Provide pertinent program information to the Public Relations Manager for flyers, brochures and news releases. 11. Participate in agency fundraising events and promotion of SSSRA through public relations activities. 12. To be available by cell phone, in accordance with the Association’s Cellular Phone Usage Policy, when you are responsible for a particular program, even if the program occurs outside of your regular business hours. 13. To prepare and manage program related budget line items. 14. All other duties deemed necessary by the supervising Manager, Superintendent or Executive Director.

Safety Duties:
1. To actively support the safety program by obeying and enforcing safety guidelines and procedures. 2. To practice safety and risk management in daily work. 3. To promptly and properly report all accidents and incidents occurring within the course of employment, no matter how minor. 4. To ensure the timely and accurate completion of incident reports.


SITTING: intermittent 20-25 hrs/week (desk & vehicle)

CROUCHING: to lift participant or equipment up to 300 pounds, with assistance of other staff

LIFTING: participants in and out of wheelchairs, supplies and equipment up to 50 lbs.

TRANSPORTATION: ability to get to and from programs and office, provide other transportation for participants

PARTICIPATION: ability to actively participate in program activities 20-30 hrs/week i.e. swim, bowl, sports, music, day camp

 South Suburban Special Recreation Association


Katie Lucas

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April 27, 2018  Print