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The Flagg-Rochelle Park District serves the residents of the Greater Rochelle area. Parks and facilities include Skare Park, Cooper Park, Spring Lake (Outdoor Pool Facility), Fairways Golf Course and more. The Flagg-Rochelle Park District strives to provide quality recreation programs and maintain high quality facilities.

The District is seeking highly professional and energetic candidates interested in serving as the next Executive Director. The ideal candidate will be a transformative leader with a strong commitment to excellent customer service and a highly collaborative/team-oriented style combined with a proven track record in a municipal environment. Having a strong finance/budget background with the ability to find creative solutions to fiscal constraints is recommended. Being an active community leader with a professional and engaging communication style with respect to residents, elected and appointed officials, the business community and staff is a must.

Roles and Responsibilities • To provide managerial leadership that helps to achieve the goals and visions of the District.

• To plan, organize, and direct a general program of park and recreation services.

• To establish rapport and communications with the citizens and visitors of the District.

• To act as a liaison with community groups and individuals concerned with park and recreation programs and represent the District on matters concerning park and recreation services in the community.

• To interpret to the public the philosophy, goals and objectives of the District via an active program of public relations.

• To build partnerships with community-based organizations that further the goals and objectives of the District.

• To direct, supervise and evaluate District personnel consistent with District personnel policies for job descriptions, performance appraisal, hiring and dismissal procedures, salaries, benefits, grievances, affirmative action, and training.

• To administer the budget; directing, investing, controlling and accounting for the receipt and expenditure of District funds in accordance with budget appropriations and State law, and supervising the keeping of detailed and accurate financial records. Monitor, manage, and forecast daily revenues, expenditures, financial operations, obligations and staffing levels within a balanced budget.

• To inform and advise the Board on all matters relevant to the functioning of the District, including recommending courses of action, plans, and policies that ensure the smooth operation of the District.

• To be able to respond/arrive to emergencies at District facilities in a timely and effective manner.

• To prepare, issue, or oversee regular and special informational materials for use by the staff, Board and others regarding the affairs of the District, including brochures, flyers, annual reports, news releases, and so on.

• To supervise the recruitment, selection, and employment of District personnel and to recommend to the Board the employment of personnel or contracts outside the scope of normal operations.

• In concert with the Board and community develop and execute a Master Plan. Plan and develop goals, objectives, and philosophies for the District. Develop strategies to prepare and implement projects and programming and plan for future needs and operations.

• Analyze, coordinate, and prepare official agreements. Maintain contacts with city, state, and federal officials and legislators. Examine and evaluate lawsuits and complaints. Review and maintain park ordinances and codes.

• Review and recommend written policies and procedures for Board approval. Implement Board decisions and policies. Inform Board of relevant legislative and legal matters and complaints.

• Collaborate with other bodies of government and local sports affiliates for the betterment of the taxpayers of the District.

Desired Education and Experience A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in business management, public or business administration, parks and recreation administration, or a closely related field of study is preferred. In the discretion of the Board, however, a comparable amount of directly related experience will be considered as a substitute for the minimum educational requirements. The Executive Director must have at least five (5) years of related experience in an upper level management/administrative position, preferably in the field of parks and recreation. The Executive Director must have certification status as a Parks and Recreation Professional in accordance with the standards of the IAPD/IPRA and NRPA (or obtain such certification with one (1) year of commencing employment with the District) and maintain such certification throughout employment with the District.

Residency Requirement

• Relocation within ten miles of Flagg Rochelle Park District or be able to relocate within 6 months. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.

Salary and Benefits

• Annual compensation based on experience. Non-traditional time commitments will be considered.

Apply To: Flagg Rochelle Park District 735 North 2nd Street Rochelle, IL 61068 Or fax to: 815.562.5383 Or email to:

Resumes will be accepted until Friday, July 13, 2018 at 5:00pm.

Flagg Rochelle Park District is an Equal Opportunity employer. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the District will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages both prospective and current employees to discuss potential accommodations with the employer.

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