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 $150,000 - $170,000. Salary and benefits are commensurate with experience and will be negotiated with the Board of Trustees

Park District of Highland Park seeks Executive Director Contact Name: Casey Wichmann Contact Email: Contact Phone: 217.523.4554 Closing Date: December 7, 2018 Salary: $150,000 - $170,000. Salary and benefits are commensurate with experience and will be negotiated with the Board of Trustees Job Title: Executive Director The Board of Commissioners at the Park District of Highland Park is seeking to employ an Executive Director with the following qualifications, characteristics and traits:

*Five to seven years of administrative experience in the park and recreation field. Experience as a director preferred. *A bachelor’s degree in park and recreation administration or related field. *A person of great integrity, honesty, self-confidence and charisma. *Excellent oral and written communication skills and excellent time-management and priority-setting skills. *Effective interpersonal skills. Must possess compassion and the ability to communicate effectively with all types of individuals. *Knowledgeable of park and recreation issues, trends, personnel management, creative financing, marketing and public relations. *Comprehensive planning skills and experience. Ability to assess community needs, research trends and innovative concepts as they apply to improvement of agency operations and longrange planning. *Evidence of skills and experience in developing short-range and long-range goals to incorporate the agency’s master plan. *Ability to plan, establish and evaluate a vision for the agency. *Proven track record of developing strong intergovernmental relationships and cooperative efforts. *Demonstrated success in administration and budget management. Must have experience in the creation of a sound fiscal program including: capital projects, budgeting, forecasting, development of projects through the referendum process, and other alternative funding sources; e.g. foundations/federal/state grants and enterprise operations. *Strong personnel management skills, including the ability to assign personnel and delegate responsibilities with assurance and accountability. *A strong understanding of the mission of a dynamic park and recreation agency and the importance, as well as the role, of the independent board members in accomplishing that mission. *Maintain and improve community services with a high level of customer satisfaction.

Application Procedure The Board of Commissioners of the Park District of Highland Park invites applications for the position of Executive Director. The Board is interested in the selected Executive Director to begin employment at the district tentatively by March 1, 2019. The Park District of Highland Park is an equal opportunity employer.

Applications should be marked Personal and Confidential. All applicant packets must be received by December 7, 2018 and must contain the information below in order to meet the Board consideration. All documents (other than education credentials) must have a left margin of 1.5 inches. Each numbered item below needs to be on a separate page. Please do not bind or staple.

1) Formal letter of application indicating reasons you desire to be a candidate. 2) Current resume needs to include, but not be limited to, employment history, duties, number of employees supervised and budget amount managed. 3) Complete list of accomplishments/completed projects. 4) Provide at least 3 CURRENT letters of recommendation. These written references ideally should include a balance of former employers, employees and board members. 5) You must also supply 3-6 PROFESSIONAL references with complete names, addresses and phone numbers. These references need to be different from those providing letters of recommendation and will be contacted by the Illinois Association of Park Districts upon receipt. 6) Typewritten responses to the following management questions. Please limit your responses to one page per question. a. Describe your management style. b. State and discuss your philosophy of parks and recreation. c. What issues do you consider to be critically important to the park and recreation field today? d. If given the opportunity, how will you attempt to resolve these issues? e. If you were chosen for the position, what steps would you take as the district’s new leader in your first 120 days? 7) Salary history for the past 5 years. 8) Complete set of up-to-date credentials which include legal proof verifying educational degrees. Transcript or copy of degree is acceptable. 9) Written permission to contact past employers and written permission to have a criminal background check.

Mail Applications to: Screening Committee - Park District of Highland Park Illinois Association of Park Districts 211 East Monroe Street Springfield, IL 62701-1186 Email applications to: Questions: Call 217-523-4554 or email

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Casey Wichmann

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December 7, 2018  Print