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 $58,768.00 / Yearly

Job Summary

Under the general direction of the supervisory staff for the Fleet Maintenance Division, this service person uses specially equipped trucks to recover vehicles and equipment that have broken down; have been damaged in accidents, abandoned or impounded by the police; or cannot be driven for any other reasons that may arise and repairs tires. May drive different kinds of trucks including, but not limited to, flat beds, wheel lifts, and heavy duty 25-ton wreckers. May attach steering locks, chains, or lights to disabled vehicles so they can be moved safely. Diagnoses and repairs minor problems. May jump-start cars, replace spark plugs, change flat tires, and add fuel. If vehicles have been involved in accidents, removes, bends, or cuts damaged parts before towing to enable proper towing of vehicles and equipment. Must also clean the area of any vehicular debris during a recovery and or accident response. May be required to perform other tasks when not towing by checking vehicles and equipment to ensure proper tire application is being utilized. Checks air pressure and wear and tear including, but not limited to, changing and repairing tires and ensure they are properly balanced as required per specifications on automobiles, trucks, tractors and other District equipment. Must be able to properly utilize code readers, tire pressure monitor systems (TPMS) such as OTC, IDS and other various diagnostics tools. Must be able to work outside in all kinds of weather, use power equipment, chains, hoists, and tools and must observe proper safety procedures to avoid any possible injuries to self or others. This is a union position.

Typical Duties

Examines situations to determine best recovery/ towing methods to utilize.

Performs routine maintenance and servicing of vehicles/equipment for the District. Changes and repairs tires on all types of vehicles and equipment.

Communicates with a dispatcher, drives to the scene of an accident or breakdown, connects the vehicle/equipment to the tow truck, and transports it back to the instructed location. Responsible for attaching the disabled vehicle/equipment to the tow truck. Depending on the type of tow truck, may use a chain, winch, steering locks, and other devices as well as affixing lights and other safety devices onto the towed vehicle/equipment.

Interacts with employees, speaking to them about their equipment problems, potentially diagnosing the cause, and providing necessary assistance. Communicates well and needs to have knowledge of various equipment and automotive parts. May be required to perform repairs on the scene of a breakdown such as changing tires, reconnecting parts, or jumpstarting the car.

Possesses experience in automotive maintenance and repair required.

Maintains correct air pressure and rotates tires on vehicles to ensure full maximum tire life expectancy.

Checks vehicle equipment fluid levels and dispenses fuel, oil, windshield washer solvent and antifreeze on the tow trucks.

Washes, vacuums and polishes and maintains upkeep of the District tow trucks.

Cleans garage facility, including sweeping and washing floors to prevent safety and fire hazards.

Updates records with information on vehicles serviced and work completed.

Maintains work log and vehicle service records via Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Minimum Qualifications

Must possess a high school diploma, GED, or higher

Must possess three (3) or more years of full-time work experience in tow truck driving.

Must possess current valid Class A Commercial Driver’s License, with no Air Brakes restriction.

Preferred Qualifications

Must possess towing and recovery certification.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Characteristics

Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously, capable of meeting tight deadlines, and working calmly under pressure.

Ability to work without supervision, to be flexible, to work well in groups, and to communicate with people.

Knowledge of methods, materials and tools used during recoveries and in serving automobiles and related equipment.

Knowledge of automotive preventive maintenance practices and techniques.

Skills in and ability to change and repair tires.

Ability to check and replenish gas, oil and other fluids.

Ability to perform work in a timely manner.

Ability to perform basic computer functions.

Ability to work extended, flexible and weekend and holiday hours as needed.

Ability to demonstrate proper customer service, customer care, paperwork, and vehicle/equipment handling. Considerable physical ability that requires use of arms and legs moving the whole body, such as climbing, lifting, pulling, pushing, balancing, walking, stooping, significant fine finger dexterity and handling of materials weighing in excess of 50 pounds.

Ability to communicate well and write reports clearly and in a timely manner.

Ability and willingness to work year round, in an outdoor environment, including in all types of inclement / seasonal weather.

Moderate to extensive travel to work assignments throughout District.

The duties listed are not set forth for purposes of limiting the assignment of work. They are not to be construed as a complete list of the many duties normally to be performed under a job title or those to be performed temporarily outside an

Veteran’s Preference

When applying for employment with the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, preference is given in the application process to honorably discharged Veterans who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States for more than 180 consecutive days or during War Time. To take advantage of this preference, a Veteran must:

Meet the minimum qualifications for the position.

Identify themselves as a Veteran on their employment application by answering Yes to the question “Are you a military veteran?”

Attach a copy of their DD 214, DD 215, or NGB 22 (Notice of Separation) at the time of application by uploading it as part of your application. If there are multiple DD 214s, DD 215s, or NGB 22s, the one with the most recent date should be submitted. Coast Guard members must submit a certified copy of the military separation from either the Department of Transportation (before 911) or the Department of Homeland Security (after 911).

Provide original applicable discharge papers at time of interview.

Benefits Package

Medical, Dental, and Vision Coverage

Basic Term Life Insurance

Pension Plan and Deferred Compensation Program

Employee Assistance Program

Paid Holidays, Vacation, and Sick Time

You May Qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF)

For further information on our excellent benefits package, please click on the following link:

General District Employment Requirements



The Forest Preserve District of Cook County is an equal opportunity employer and ensures against discrimination in employment on the basis of a person’s race, color, sex, age, religion, disability, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, military discharge status, source of income, housing status, or gender identity

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