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 $36,083 – 48,800

West Suburban Special Recreation Association

JOB TITLE: Recreation Specialist



SALARY RANGE: $36,083 – 48,800

JOB PURPOSE: Responsible for the development and implementation of recreation programs for individuals with disabilities. Supervising seasonal staff and volunteers who assist in programs. Flexible work schedule as you will work some nights and weekends. Coordinate overnight and travel trips for our participants.

QUALIFICATIONS: 4 year degree from an accredited University in Therapeutic Recreation or related field and have the equivalent of one year of experience in a recreation setting. Experience working with a variety of ages and abilities will make you a strong candidate. Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist; CTRS preferred. Valid Illinois driver’s license required.

ESSENTAL FUNCTIONS OF THE JOB: 1. Develop individual program plans, goal writing and tracking participant’s progress. 2. Paperwork - planning programs, complete weekly and final program evaluations and complete seasonal part-time/volunteer staff evaluations. 3. Gathering, loading, transporting and setting up equipment. 4. Creating, designing and supervising seasonal programs and special events. 5. Supervision and care of individuals, including behavior management, dispensing medication, and assistance in daily self-care. 6. File incident reports and perform emergency care in accordance to WSSRA safety program. 7. Computer work, program calendars and memos to staff and families. 8. Consistently communicate with parents/guardians. 9. Provide activities for day and away trips. 10. Perform orientation and training of seasonal part-time staff, volunteers and new employees. 11. Prepare for and attend special events. 12. Assist in the supervision, training and evaluation of part-time supervisors for programs and special events. 13. Assists with inclusion programming, including conducting participant assessments, program observations, and creating visual supports.
14. Maintain a working knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act. 15. Provide a safe environment during programs. 16. Actively support WSSRA risk management program. 17. Drive to and from programs and facilities.

MARGINAL FUNCTIONS OF THE JOB: 1. Assisting individuals with disabilities. 2. Transporting participants and others in van or car to and from WSSRA offerings. 3. Picking up general materials (i.e. printed brochures, special supplies) 4. Attending agency meetings, as well as for state and local organizations.

 West Suburban Special Recreation Association


April Ryan
(847) 455-2100

 Closing Date

March 1, 2019  Print