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 $62,500+ DOQ

The Executive Assistant is responsible for assisting the Executive Director with the overall operation of the District. This includes scheduling meetings for the board and Executive Director; preparing correspondence, reports, and other work; acting as a liaison between the Executive Director, board of commissioners, community representatives and district employees, and maintaining board/committee records and related administrative details of the Hoffman Estates Park District.

Supervision Received

This position functions with a wide diversity and latitude of administrative and professional discretion under the direct supervision of the Executive Director.

Supervision Exercised

The Executive Assistant may exercise supervision over employees whose work is required by the Executive Director.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities

A. Administration

  1. Assist the Executive Director by handling administrative responsibilities, duties and details.

  2. Complete correspondence, reports, special projects, etc. for the Executive Director.

  3. Schedule meetings and update calendars.

  4. Handle event, program, and conference registration for Executive Director and Commissioners, as well as staff, when appropriate. Arrange for hotel and travel accommodations when necessary.

  5. Assist other Directors as needed.

  6. Maintain organized filing system for administrative records and official district files to include the Ordinance, Resolution, and Deed files.

  7. Assist the Executive Director in dealing with matters of interpretation of park district policies.

  8. Perform special administrative tasks and duties of a confidential nature.

  9. Prepare the quarterly staff newsletter.

  10. Promote employee appreciation and engagement.

  11. Send and receive district donations.

  12. Prepare park district cooperative agreements with other agencies as directed by the Executive Director.

  13. Act as liaison to internal and external customers.

  14. Proofread reports and correspondence to insure 100% accuracy in written communications sent by the district.

  15. Perform research as required to complete assigned responsibilities and special projects.

  16. Perform all other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

B. Board

  1. Prepare all board and committee meeting agendas, packets and required tasks for the successful implementation of scheduled meetings.

  2. Act as Recording Secretary during Board, Committee and Foundation meetings.

  3. Prepare award recognitions including proclamations for Board meetings.

  4. Coordinate Best of Hoffman and Best of the Best of Hoffman awards.

  5. Organize materials for Board of Commissioners election process as well as for Community Representative recruitment for the district.

  6. Prepare materials for onboarding new board and committee members.

  7. Maintain organized filing system for board and committee packets.

  8. Maintain district website pages regarding the Board, Committees and Foundation.

  9. Act as liaison of the Executive Director and Board to district staff.

C. Customer Service

  1. Assist with questions, concerns and complaints from the public.

  2. Direct unresolved citizen concerns to appropriate staff immediately.

  3. Keep desk and office area clean, neat and safe.

D. Safety, Health and Loss Control

  1. Support, promote and make recommendations regarding all safety, health and loss control policies as adopted by the park district.

  2. Communicate with residents, employees and vendors.

E. T.E.A.M. Committee

  1. Attend T.E.A.M./Training Committee meetings.

  2. Act as Voting Member/Secretary of T.E.A.M. Committee.

  3. Help to promote positive employee relations and effective communication of the district’s mission, goals, and master plan as part of the T.E.A.M. Committee.

  4. Help to plan and implement staff training programs, quarterly staff meetings and socials.

Psychological Considerations

  1. The Executive Assistant may feel added pressure from being held responsible for handling the directives issued by the Executive Director and board of the park district.

  2. The Executive Assistant must be able to handle questions, complaints and concerns from the public and from employees in a professional manner.

  3. The Executive Assistant must be able to work with co-workers.

Physiological Considerations

  1. The Executive Assistant must be able to spend up to 60% of his/her working hours working on the computer.

  2. The Executive Assistant must be able to drive to required meetings and workshops as well as to remote district facilities.

Environmental Considerations

  1. The Executive Assistant will perform virtually all responsibilities indoors. Lighting and temperature are conditions that may impact how the Executive Assistant performs his/her responsibilities.

  2. The Executive Assistant may be subject to outdoor weather conditions when he/she must drive to meetings, workshops and other district facilities.

Cognitive Considerations

  1. The Executive Assistant must be able to follow direction given by the Executive Director and complete responsibilities as described.

  2. The Executive Assistant must exhibit good analytical skills and problem solving ability in completing responsibilities.

  3. The Executive Assistant must use good judgement while acting for the Executive Director in the Executive Director's absence.


  1. Knowledge and understanding of park districts.

  2. Must possess advanced skills in Microsoft Office products and preferably Word Press.

  3. Ability to type 55 wpm.

  4. Possession of analytical, research and oral/written communications skills.

  5. Must be highly organized and possess the ability to handle and organize multiple tasks simultaneously.

  6. Ability to organize and direct the work of professional, skilled, clerical and semi-skilled employees.

  7. Ability to develop and maintain positive and effective working relationships.

  8. Ability to work with minimum supervision.

  9. Ability to produce accurate work on a timely basis.

  10. Ability to perform duties with initiative, sound judgment, persistence, creativity, integrity, tact and courtesy.

  11. Must be able to efficiently draft and formulate business and personal letters.

  12. High level of knowledge of the English language including grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.

  13. A valid Illinois driver's license is required.


  1. Minimum of 5 years’ experience as Executive Assistant or equivalent formal training and education in related field.


  1. Graduate of an accredited university with an Associate’s Degree in related field preferred.

  2. Formal training/education in related field at a business school.

 Hoffman Estates Park District


Craig Talsma

 Closing Date

June 25, 2021  Print