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 Salary Dependent on Qualifications

Under the direction and supervision of the Board of Commissioners, the Executive Director serves as the Chief Executive Officer and visionary for the district. The Executive Director will work within the guidelines and framework of policies, ordinances and procedures as established by the Board of Commissioners. The Executive Director will be the administrative head of all departments and functions within the district regarding recreation programming, facility development, parks management, finance, human resources, risk management, marketing/communication, administration and information technology. The Executive Director serves as the official medium of communication between the employees of the District and the Board of Commissioners. The Executive Director provides entrepreneurial leadership and is responsible for preparing and overseeing the preparation of intermediate and long-range agency plans, goals and objectives. The Executive Director keeps the board of commissions informed on all policy and major operational issues, as well as administrative situations that affect the district’s overall performance. Requires the exercise of considerable initiative, independent judgement and discretion with information regarding communication and correspondence pertaining to staff, patrons, other local governments, businesses and organizations.


Education: Graduate from a college or university of recognized standing with a Baccalaureate Degree in business, public administration, parks and recreation or a related field is required. Master’s degree or coursework is preferred. Certification: Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP) by the Illinois Parks and Recreation Certification Board or National Recreation and Park Association or obtain within one year of employment.


Minimum of 7 years of progressively responsible experience in supervisory, administrative or managerial assignments in the public sector. Experience in public administration or park and recreation administration helpful. Experience working in and with a diverse cultural and socio-economic environment helpful.


Strong leadership skills with excellent oral and written communication skills, long-range planning skills and a working knowledge of public administration. Successful executive-level management experience in Finance and Budget, Human Resources, Capital Asset and Resource Planning and Implementation, Risk Management or related fields. Demonstrated record of understanding and using technology systems and procedures, with a commitment to furthering the use of technology throughout the organization. A record of continuous, progressive professional development, training and education for self and staff as well as staying current with best industry practices and cutting-edge management techniques. Excellent written communication skills using proper grammatical form and proficiency in orally communicating in group and individual situations, organizational skills that demonstrate the ability to generate new ideas and directions and interpersonal skills that include leadership, flexibility and sensitivity.


Residency in the District is required within a reasonable amount of time following appointment as determined by the Board.


Must have a valid Illinois Driver’s License and be able to provide own transportation.


General Administration

• Direct the activities of the Park District in accordance with the general policies established by the Board of Commissioners. • Recommend policies, plans and programs and provide to the Board of Commissioners information necessary to the Board’s policy making functions. • Informs the Board in a timely manner of the progress of approved goals and of changes and events which affect Board policy. Responds to Board Member inquires. • Supervise the provision of a broad program of leisure services which meet the needs and desires of community residents. • Organize and supervise and efficient administrative organization for the Park District.
• Develop, review, analyze and implement operational procedures required to effectively manage day-to-day operations and implement board approval policies. • Oversee the development and maintenance of all District parks and facilities to meet the needs of the community. • Oversee the development and operation of revenue facilities for the district. • Act as District representative to the Western DuPage Special Recreation Association (WDSRA Board of Trustees).


• Gain knowledge and understanding of Park District policies, procedures and the adhere to them as well as enforce staff compliance. • Develop a long-range comprehensive park district plan for Board approval. Develop a measuring system for monitoring progress on plan goals. Review and adjust plan as needed. • Give direction for the development and promotion of recreation philosophies for the district. • Promote and enforce ethical behavior throughout the district. • Approve and direct the implementation of administrative improvement and efficiency measures. • Analyze and handle crisis situations, delegating authority, as necessary. • Create and encourage a positive internal and external customer service atmosphere.


• Coordinate the development of a Park District Master Plan, park development plans and a comprehensive Capital Improvement Plan. Conduct and/or supervise any research, surveys and feasibility studies necessary for development of these plans and programs. Work in conjunction with consultants as deemed appropriate. • Annually update developed Master Plan, park development and Capital Improvement Plan. • Recommend goals and objectives for the Park District operation and develop strategies for achieving these goals and objectives. • Make recommendations to the board concerning land acquisition and facility development. These recommendations shall reflect thorough analysis of available Park District resources, competing and current public needs and projected community needs. • Work with the Board and citizen committees with implementing methods of involving the public in Park District planning/decision making process. • Be aware of and represent the Park District in all matters pertaining to zoning changes, land development and related concerns which affect Park District current and future interests.


• Develop and recommend to the board the annual operational budget and capital budget, appropriation ordinance and levy ordinance and operate within the budget. • Maintain fiscal control of the Park District finances. Work closely with the Superintendent of Finance and to develop financial strategies and coordinate and monitor departmental and capital improvement budgets. • Exercise sound fiscal management by reviewing and analyzing current fiscal conditions and projecting financial needs and resources. • Plan and coordinate efforts to receive federal, state and foundation funds to assist the Park District operations. • Supervise preparation of requests for grants from various state, federal and private programs related to parks and recreation.


• Act as the official means of communication between the employees and the Board of Commissioners. • Empower others and value the contribution of employees at all levels. Be approachable and accessible, displaying care to all employees and the Board. • Directly mentor, supervise and evaluate all superintendents. • Assist in the selection of supervisory personnel. • Develop and coordinate an effective personnel administration program which includes: personnel policies and procedures, job descriptions, training programs, evaluation procedures, clear performance standards, salary and benefit plans and fair employment practices and procedures. • Work with Superintendents in determining current and future staffing needs and appropriate personnel organization. • Conduct staff meetings with Superintendents and full-time staff to inform of significant information with the goal of enhancing staff capabilities and maintaining open and effective staff relations. • Work with attorneys on matters requiring legal review and interpretation. • Conduct written performance appraisals of Superintendents on an annual basis. • Periodically work with Human Resources to make revisions to the district’s organizational chart including number of personnel for each position, job positions and description revision and salary ranges. • Ensure employees maintain proper safety standards and safety precaution measures are enacted to safeguard the welfare of the general public during use of parks and facilities.


• Use knowledge and foresight to calculate a strategic direction for the Park District that reflects the desires of the Park District Board. • Work with the Park District Board to create strategic goals and objectives.
• Provide vision and insight to the Marketing Manager to create a long-range strategic marketing plan which reflects the evolving needs of the community. • Support the Marketing Manager in the development of marketing programs and services. • Provide guidance to the Marketing Manager in creating a Park District wide communication plan.
• Periodically review and implement change to the marketing strategic plan as measured against accomplishments.

Public Relations

• Develop, interpret and promote the leisure philosophies of the Park District in order to encourage the public use of facilities, parks and programs. • Demonstrate an understanding of local, social, service and political entities. • Serve as a spokesperson for the district at public meetings and venues. • Maintain positive press relations. • Respond to citizen complaints and/or inquiries within 2 working days of receipt. • Develop positive relations with other Park Districts. • Maintain a continuing cooperative relationship with various civic, school and municipal Boards and Administrators within the community.


• Attends all meetings of the Board. Act as a non-voting member of all committees and attend all meetings of the same, with the exception of the Committee Chair, may approve as a designate; an appropriate supervisor or superintendent to attend.


• Adhere to the Illinois Park District code and District policies, as well as other federal, state, local statures and ordinances which affect Park District operations. • Work with the District attorneys in conjunction with Board established policies, procedures and directives in the handling of District’s legal matters.

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Salary Depending on Qualifications

Comprehensive benefit package including: • Park District Housing and housing allowance • Medical Coverage • Dental Coverage • Vision Coverage • Employee Wellness Program and Incentives • Life Insurance (Basic provided Additional Voluntary coverage available) • Participation in IMRF (Defined Benefit Retirement, Disability, Life Insurance) • 457b Retirement Savings Plan available • Paid Holidays • Vacation, Personal and Sick Days • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) • Park District Membership and Programs


Email application packet to:

Send application packet marked as Personal and Confidential to:

Louisa Walsh
Human Resources Manager
West Chicago Park District
201 W National St
West Chicago IL  60185

Applicant packet must contain all requested information for full consideration. Each numbered item below needs to be on a separate page. Please do not bind. To receive consideration, the applicant packet must be received by January 10, 2022.

  1. Completed Employment Application downloaded from our website:
  2. Formal letter of application indicating reasons you desire to be a candidate.
  3. Current resume needs to include, but not limited to, employment history, duties, number of employees supervised, budget amount managed and complete list of accomplishments/completed projects.
  4. Contact information for at least three professional references including complete name, address, phone and email.
  5. Three letters of recommendation. These should include former employers, employees and board members.
  6. Complete set of up-to-date credentials which include legal proof verifying educational degrees. Transcript or copy of diploma is acceptable.

As part of the application process, please answer each of the following questions and submit along with other application materials. Each response should be no more than one page.

• What will you bring to the West Chicago Park District to grow our Park District community?

• Describe how you would use influence and leadership to attain the goals of the Park District Board.

• Give an example from your career that demonstrates leadership and explain how leadership was utilized to reach a goal.

• Describe a career challenge you faced that became an opportunity for success. Explain how the success was measured.

*Please note all offers of Employment are contingent upon the following conditions: satisfactory professional & employment references, employment verification, criminal background checks, appropriate licensure/certifications and the successful completion of a pre-employment physical and drug screening.

West Chicago Park District is an Equal Opportunity and Reasonable Accommodation Employer.

 West Chicago Park District


Louisa Walsh - Human Resources and Payroll Manager

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