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DESCRIPTION The Recreation Intern is a temporary position that reports to the Director of Parks and Recreation. The Recreation Intern will be exposed to a broad range of Recreation Management concepts, situations, and experiences meant to provide additional training and educational experience to college students who wish to find a position in the field of Recreation (or similar) field upon the completion of their undergraduate or graduate degree. Being selected as a Recreation Intern does not guarantee employment with Pontiac Parks and Recreation upon completion. Recreation Interns should be available to work consistent with the hours prescribed by their college or university program which may include evenings and /or weekends.

QUALIFICATIONS • Education: Must be a student in good academic standing currently enrolled in, or have recently completed, a college undergraduate or graduate degree. Preference is given to students majoring in the field of Recreation Management (or a related field). • Skills: Must be able to take direction and assist in planning, leading, managing, troubleshooting and evaluating recreational events, programs and facilities. Must be comfortable in front of large crowds of people, and comfortable leading activities. Must work well with people of all ages, especially children. Must be able to use basic reading, writing, and computer skills to learn, understand, and apply Parks and Recreation Department policies and procedures. • Certifications: Valid Driver’s License, First-Aid, CPR, and AED certification (or ability to obtain one within first 2 weeks of hire – training provided) • Competencies: Candidates must demonstrate through a personal interview and reference check that they are able to work with people of all ages, especially children, and possess a basic knowledge of the Recreation Industry such that they can understand the tasks they will be provided.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The ideal Recreation Intern should be motivated with strong multi-tasking skills, great attention to detail and strong interpersonal communication skills. Under the supervision of the Director of Parks and Recreation and experienced Parks and Recreation staff, Recreation Interns will have the opportunity to expand their education by learning how recreation facilities, programs, and events operate, understanding the roles of the Parks and Recreation staff, and becoming familiar with safety standards and procedures. Pontiac Parks and Recreation is once again hosting our Summer Day Camp. The Recreation Intern will be leading, the one week per month, Summer Day Camp. Recreation Interns will also be asked to “shadow” and assist Parks and Recreation staff with certain tasks and functions which include, but are not limited to, performing various administrative functions to support Parks and Recreation programs; attending and observing meetings; performing research and writing assignments; and assisting Parks and Recreation staff with the development of assigned projects.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS • Movement of supplies and equipment is necessary, generally up to 50 lbs. Bending, twisting and kneeling may be necessary in support of the programming areas. • Work performed will be at indoor and outdoor environments so exposure to the sun, light rain, wind, and other weather factors who should be expected as well as exposure to extreme temperatures while working outdoors.

GENERAL STATEMENT OF POLICIES, SAFETY, ETC. It is expected that all Pontiac Parks and Recreation Staff comply with the policies and procedures as set forth by the Pontiac City Council. Resources that outline these policies and procedures include the Personnel Policy Manual and Safety Manual, other written or verbal procedures as provided by your supervisor. As all situations cannot be documented even in manuals such as these, it is further expected that your actions as an employee are always performed with safety in mind, respect of your fellow staff and customers in mind, and at the direction of your supervisor. It is expected that all staff learn and understand these policies and procedures.

HOW TO APPLY Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume and references by email to Taylor Baxter, Director of Parks and Recreation. His email is

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 City of Pontiac Parks and Recreation


Taylor Baxter

 Closing Date

March 31, 2020