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 $144,000 + (Commensurate with experience)

Please read all qualifications and steps to complete the application process before proceeding.


The Board of Commissioners is seeking to employ an Executive Director with the following qualifications, characteristics and traits:

Ability to administer all functions of the Park District as required by the Board.

Graduation from a college or university with a degree in park and recreation administration, business, park management or related field.

At least seven years of responsible administrative or supervisory experience in the field of parks and recreation. Preference given to municipal parks and recreation.

There is a Bolingbrook residency requirement.

Certified Parks and Recreation Professional (CPRP) certification preferred.

Valid driver's license.

A thorough knowledge of the theory and philosophy of recreation and park management and the ability to interpret this philosophy to others.

The Executive Director should have a sound administrative base and theory of management.

Attention to detail, problem-solving expertise, and the ability to articulate well in both verbal and written form are all-important qualities, which must be demonstrated frequently.

Possess working knowledge of park district laws and legislation, finances, and personnel administration.

Must demonstrate an ability to plan long range, facilitate and manage change and foster innovation.

Possess working knowledge of computer programs.

Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite programs.


All applicant packets must be completed and submitted by Monday, February 13, 2023 and must contain the information below in order to meet Board consideration. Each numbered item below needs to be no more than one page and must be uploaded on the job website. The applicant is subject to a criminal background check. A written waiver to allow a criminal background check will be requested from the applicant.

1. Formal letter of application indicating reasons you desire to be a candidate. Please furnish written permission to contact past employers listed on application.

2. Current resume needs to include employment history (including dates of employment), duties, number of employees supervised, and budget amount managed.

3. Complete list of accomplishments/completed projects.

4. Provide at least three (3) current letters of recommendation. These written references ideally should include a balance of former employers, employees and board members.

5. You must also supply 3-6 professional references with complete names, addresses and phone numbers. These references need to be different from those providing letters of recommendation and will be contacted by the Board of Commissioners upon receipt.

6. Type written responses to the following management questions. Please limit your response one page per question.

a. Describe your management style.

b. State and discuss your philosophy of parks and recreation.

c. What issues do you consider to be critically important to the

park and recreation field today?

d. Describe your hands-on financial knowledge and experience.

7. Complete set of up-to-date credentials which include legal proof verifying educational degrees. Transcript or copy of diploma is acceptable.

Proceed to job link when ready and fill out application and upload required documents:

 Bolingbrook Park District


Terri Tamer

 Closing Date

February 13, 2023  Print