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 EL $22.63 hr., plus years of experience

Business Services Supervisor
Job Description
Under the supervision of the Deputy Director of Business Services, the Business Services Supervisor is responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable and cash balancing.  They are also responsible for payroll processing, coordination of fringe benefits, employee related postings and maintaining various monthly reconciliation worksheets in order to aid the Director Business Services to successfully reach the goals and objectives of the Business Services Department.
Must be able to uphold and enforce Park District Policies and Procedures, able to provide work direction and supervision and have a comprehensive understanding of inventory control and budgeting.  Bachelor’s Degree or the equivalent combination of training and experience are required. Illustrate a general knowledge of analytical, accounting and computer skills.  Interpersonal and communication skills are also required, as well as being able to respect the confidentiality of the Park District files where appropriate.  This position also requires CPR, AED, and First Aid certification.
Primary Responsibilities
This person’s duties shall include, but not be limited to:
1.      Accounts Payable:  
Ø  Oversees accounts payable invoices and enters various journal voucher entries into the accounting system

Ø  Balances and maintains various spreadsheets related to Business Services

Ø  Prepares and, after approval, distributes annual tax forms

Ø Reviews/edits accounts payable batches for accuracy, makes any necessary corrections/changes

Ø Once batches have been approved for payment, prepares/prints checks and oversees the mailing of checks and back-up

Ø Oversees the preparation and maintenance of monthly securities on deposit spreadsheet
Ø Calculation, reporting and, after approval, payment of sales tax collected 
2.      Accounts Receivable:  
Ø Oversees the preparation of billing and sending of invoices as requested by departments

Ø Oversees the preparation and update of the monthly accounts receivable report

Ø Provides Front Office with documentation to deposit cash, upon receipt
3.      Lease Agreements:
Ø  Collect all pertaining documents and verify accurate information prior to submitting to lessor 
Ø  Setting up the liability and asset in the accounting system
4.      Fixed Assets:
Ø  Collects, monitors, and enters fixed asset data into the fixed asset system

Ø  Prepares monthly reports

Ø  Enters into fixed asset system annually to assist with fiscal year-end report for audit 
5.      Payroll Data Entry:  
Ø  Export/Import payroll from STA to HRMS  

Ø  Reviews and approves wage compilation, deductions and the payroll ACH file and initiates payroll wire transfer

Ø  Compiles and distributes statistical reports, statements, and summaries related to payroll and employee benefits  

Ø  Prepares and balances pay period-end reports 

Ø  Approves and submits bi-weekly payroll taxes
Business Services Supervisor (continued)
Ø  Prepares and, after approval, submits monthly/quarterly tax reports and/or payments

Ø  Prepares and, after approval, distributes annual tax forms
6.      Employee Benefits:  
Ø  Works with employees and representatives from various insurance companies to ensure proper paperwork has been submitted /received and appropriate coverage is designated
Ø  Codes/processes invoices for insurance premiums and unemployment benefits
Ø  Calculates and uploads file for monthly IMRF wage reporting and, after approval, submits payment electronically
Ø  Coordinates and monitors attendance software; including merging with payroll software for accurate recording and reporting
Ø  Coordinates health and wellness programs offered through Park District’s Health Care Provider
7.      Personnel: 
Ø  Submits data for requesting background check searches and verifies information on the Illinois Sex Offender website for all employees, community service workers and volunteers. 
Ø  Coordinates and monitors on-line application software, including the posting of employment, community service, and volunteer opportunities, as well as the routing of the data
Ø  Responsible for making sure all annual labor related postings are up to date and in compliance with current laws
8.      Insurance - General Liability, Bonds and Worker’s Compensation:
Ø  Responsible for the Park District’s general liability, business auto, inland marine, and fiduciary bonding  
Ø  Responsible for the Park District’s worker’s compensation benefits; claims handling, loss control, record keeping and log posting
9.      Annual/Special Audit(s):  
Ø  Assists Deputy Director with compiling data and preparing annual audit schedules
10.   Budget:
Ø  Forecasts, monitors, and stays within strict budget guidelines for specific line items
11.   Staff Supervision/Training:
Ø  Provides guidance and training for Business Services Generalist and Coordinator positions
12.   Payroll:
Ø  Monitors and approves bi-weekly timesheets
13.   Month-End/Year-End Reporting:
Ø  Updates and ties month-end/year-end spreadsheets to assist the Deputy Director of Business Services with end of month/end of year reporting
14.   Other Duties:  
Ø  Clerical support as needed
Secondary Responsibilities
1. Back-up functions to the Deputy Director of Business Services
Ø  Financial reporting
Ø  Payroll and Benefits Reporting

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