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 $18.00 - $26.00 Depending on Qualifications

Laborer I

The Laborer I position is performed on a full-time basis and is classified as Regular Personnel with nonexempt status.  Starting compensation $18.00 - $26.00 per hour pending qualifications.  Benefits include competitive Medical, Vision, Dental and IMRF retirement plan.  This position is responsible for performing tasks related to the construction, operation, care and maintenance of the Park’s grounds, facilities and equipment. Generally, the work pace is moderate and controlled by the Superintendent of Parks.

1. Performs snow and ice removal/control, when required, using equipment to maintain sidewalks and parking lots.
2. Performs off-duty personnel call-out tasks as assigned.
3. Performs landscaping, grass mowing, tree trimming and related grounds maintenance.
4. Operates hand tools such as chainsaws, power saws, trimmers, jack hammers, etc.
5. Maintains, repairs and installs new Park equipment.
6. Assists in the installation and repair of underground pipes.
7. Ensures the proper maintenance of equipment and tools through inspections and repairs.
• A high school diploma or higher.
• A valid Illinois State Driver’s License.
• 4 years’ relevant experience in construction, maintenance (general and/or park related) or related field.
- Any equivalent combination of training and experience that produces the competencies required for the position will be considered – such as grounds, janitorial, landscaping, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, pool maintenance and operations, using and maintaining power tools, and/or operating heavy equipment such as tractors.
• Knowledge of general construction, repair and maintenance principles, as well as equipment, machinery and tools used in these activities.
• Knowledge of landscaping, grass mowing, tree trimming and applicable equipment.
• Ability to lift 50 pounds with or without assistance.
• Ability to work nights and/or weekends and to be on call for emergencies, seasonal work load, and snowplowing.
• Dependable and self-motivated with a positive attitude and professional public image.
• Ability to make independent decisions and manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
• Ability to exercise good judgment, initiative and discretion.
• Ability to read, understand and communicate effectively using the English language – applies to spoken, written and electronic media and communications.
• Ability to manage small groups of part-time employees.

 Norridge Park District


Jerry Hernandez

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