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 59,000 - $78,000

Who we are: The Downers Grove Park District

What we believe in:

MISSION Enriching our community through exceptional recreational programs, parks and facilities that inspire memorable experiences.

VISION To be the community resource inspiring PLAY for LIFE Leadership Imagination Fulfillment Enjoyment

SAFETY - Emphasizing a fun environment where staff and residents feel socially, emotionally and physically secure.

AMBITION - Leaders in exploring and creating innovative opportunities based on evolving needs and trends.

RESPONSIBILITY - Preserving and maximizing community resources and partnerships through historical, environmental and fiscal stewardship.

INTEGRITY - Serving responsibly through unified ethical principles.

PROFESSIONALISM - Committed to fostering a supportive culture that develops, empowers, respects and appreciates staff and volunteers.

What we embody:

CULTURE We believe in a culture where our team members are respected, valued and appreciated.

Flexibility in one’s life is understood and make every effort in achieving a work-life balance. Innovative thinking is expected and encouraged lacking fear of failure. It is understood that through hard work the organization is committed to assisting in career development. We believe success relates directly to intention, effort and progress.

Why, you ask? Developing our team members so they may explore a variety of career opportunities is something we take great pride in. This vacancy was created due to a team member relocating to another state.

The Position Under the leadership of the Recreation Center Manager, the Supervisor of Athletics is charged with leading the overall operations of youth and adult athletic programs, as well as creative program development. In addition, this position will serve as District athletic affiliate group liaison and will manage scheduling for indoor and outdoor athletic facility space. This position will also oversee the operations of Miner Mike’s Miniature Golf Course and Concessions. The Supervisor of Athletics position leads a team of two full-time Recreation Supervisors, part-time staff and volunteers.

The Ideal Candidate The team member should possess strong leadership skills, a positive team attitude, ambition to enhance, expand and grow programs; willingness to look beyond current industry trends; creativity to challenge themselves, their program areas and their teammates with new ideas; an understanding of the value of work-life balance; open-mindedness; ability to embrace change; trustworthiness; effective communication skills; alignment with mission, vision and values of the organization.

Work Environment/Physical Demands/Expected Hours of Work This team member will operate in a dynamic, highly collaborative environment where innovative thinking towards achieving common success is appreciated and expected. As a supervisory position, this team member will be actively engaged with their staff and programs throughout multiple facilities, fields and parks, to ensure all aspects of programming are meeting expectations. As a leadership role in the Recreation Department, this team member will be active in committees and special events as opportunity allows. Given the demands of the programs, nights and weekends would be necessary at times.

Required Education and Experience This position has no boundaries and it is felt that success could be achieved from many different arenas of experience. Required Education of a bachelor degree and three or more years of experience in program supervision similar to the areas listed. However, the success of this position is in the person, their work ethic and their values.

CPRP or similar preferred

Are we the right fit for you….? Do our Mission, Vision, Values, and Culture fit your life style? Do you meet the skill set for the job and want to work with others who have the same values? If so, then we are where you belong. Come join us and let’s enrich the community of Downers Grove together.

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 Downers Grove Park District


Michelle Pusateri

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