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Summary The Recreation Specialist, Adaptive Sports, is responsible for planning, organizing, maintaining and implementing all aspects of LWSRA’s adaptive sports programs while understanding and remaining within the confines of the LWSRA budget. This is fulltime non-exempt position, with a minimum of 40 hours per week, with evening and weekend work.

1. Bachelor’s Degree or furthering education in Therapeutic Recreation, Parks and Recreation, or related field, and/or at least two years experience in the field of Therapeutic Recreation and one year minimum experience in a supervisory position. 2. Knowledge and ability to plan, organize and implement recreation programs for individuals with special needs. 3. Ability to coordinate, supervise and effectively work as a team with Program Leaders and Aides. 4. Must have demonstrable knowledge of the budget processes, techniques and budgetary skills needed to plan and organize LWSRA programs and events. 5. Knowledge and ability to plan, organize and implement effective agendas for LWSRA Adaptive Sports Programs. 6. Ability to communicate effectively with staff, participants and parents. 7. Ability to communicate effectively, and demonstrate leadership skills. 8. Knowledge and ability to keep records, program waivers and documents organized and confidential, and also have the ability to meet deadlines in a timely manner. 9. Knowledge of LWSRA medication dispensing process. 10. Trained on policies and procedures regarding Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 11. Ability to plan and implement adaptive programs that focus on the individual needs of the participants.

Immediate Supervisor
Superintendent of Recreation

1. Assist the Superintendent in planning, organizing and implementing LWSRA programs and events. 2. With the direction of the Managers, supervise and evaluate program leaders, aides, volunteers for LWSRA adaptive sports programs. 3. Coordinate, plan, organize and implement all programs, activities and events for designated LWSRA Adaptive Sports Programs such as but not limited to Wheelchair basketball, Wheelchair softball, Boccia, Power Soccer, Goal Ball, Summer Camp, and Social events. 4. With proper training and orientation provided by LWSRA and positive results of a driver abstract, may be required to drive designated LWSRA vehicles as determined by the Superintendent of Recreation. 5. Assist with the coordination of facilities for programs and events. 6. Lead and implement programs and events as needed, or act as a substitute leader as needed in the event of an absence. 7. Oversee the progression and development of LWSRA’s Adaptive Sports Programs. 8. Prepare, as needed, behavior and disciplinary reports. 9. Work closely with the Superintendent to ensure that all part-time staff and volunteers are adhering to all LWSRA policies and procedures.

JOB DESCRIPTION, Recreation Specialist Adaptive Sports Page 2.

  1. Plan, organize, and implement programs and events, while staying within the confines of the LWSRA budget.
  2. Work closely with Program Leaders to develop innovative and safe programs.
  3. Work with Parent/Guardian to develop a behavior modification plan for a participant if needed.
  4. Implement LWSRA Safety Policies, and complete Accident/Incident Reports in a thorough and timely manner.
  5. Dispense and document medication as needed.
  6. Assist with special accommodations for participants including but not limited to: diaper and toileting needs, feeding and g-tube management.
  7. Keep all LWSRA documents organized and confidential.
  8. Meet scheduling deadlines set by the Director, Superintendent and Managers in a timely manner.
  9. Prepare and gather materials needed for LWSRA programs and events.
  10. Attend workshops, seminars and classes to enhance and develop job performance.
  11. Work closely with Program Leaders in preparing packets for programs and events.

Safety Responsibilities 1. Actively support the safety of LWSRA programs and events by obeying and enforcing safety rules and procedures. 2. Work closely with the Superintendent, Staff Manager, and Program Leaders in conducting routine documented safety inspections/facility inspections checklists of program sites and activities. 3. Seek out and identify safety hazards and encourage their correction and removal. 4. Provide ideas to the Safety Manager for developing ongoing safety training programs. 5. Promptly and properly report all accidents and incidents occurring within the course of employment, and to ensure the timely completion of Incident Reports by Program Leaders. 6. Attend LWSRA Safety Meetings, workshops and seminars to enhance safety performance.

Marginal Functions
1. Visit program sites for the purpose of observation. 2. Complete orientation for driving LWSRA vehicle(s). 3. Drive LWSRA vehicles for programs and events. 4. Attend LWSRA staff meetings and training programs.

Psychological Considerations 1. Must have ability to deal effectively with various personality types under stressful situations.

Environmental Considerations 1. May be required to work outdoors during various weather conditions, including hot and cold temperatures.

Physical Requirements Sitting: Minimum of 7 – 10 hours a week (desk, meetings, vehicles) Standing: Minimum of 7 – 10 hours a week (Programs, Copy Machine, etc…) Stooping: To gather materials and obtain files Lifting: Able to lift 25 lbs alone, and transfer participants with or without assistance of another employee. Transportation: Ability to get to and from office and programs.

 Lincolnway Special Recreation Association


Abby Billips

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April 23, 2018  Print