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SCC Facility Manager/Fitness Supervisor

Summary: Under the direction of the Superintendent of Recreation, the Sunset Facility Manager/Fitness Supervisor is responsible for the planning, coordinating and supervision of all operational and program functions for the Sunset Community Center and operations of the fitness/health-wellness programs.

Supervisor: The Sunset Facility Manager/Fitness Supervisor reports to the Superintendent of Recreation and the Executive Director.

Qualifications: Graduate of a college or university with a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in recreation administration or closely related field; three years full time experience in public recreation facility management; or any equivalent combination of education, experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities. Certification by a professional association and record of ongoing participation in continuing education seminars and workshops is desirable.

Hours: The Sunset Facility Manager/Fitness Supervisor shall have varying hours due to programs, special events and facility operating hours. Due to the varying nature of the work, evening and weekend hours of duty are expected.

Essential Functions: Administration: 1. Maintain accurate and current records including personnel, payroll, daily attendance, daily receipts, memberships, registration, inventory and schedules, and other miscellaneous statistics as necessary for the operation and management of the facility, fitness center, and custodial staff.

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of services provided at the facility and make recommendations on modifications of existing services and the introduction of new services.

  2. Plan and execute a wide variety of fitness center membership campaigns, and member retention programs.

  3. Prepare annual and special reports in relationship to all facilities and fitness program area.

  4. Implement operating procedures established by the Superintendent of Recreation, Executive Director and the Board of Commissioners.

  5. Oversee the building and counter operations during operating hours in accordance with the policies established by the Superintendent of Recreation, Executive Director and the Board of Commissioners.

  6. Oversee and ensure accurate and thorough training of all staff including the front office, personal trainers and fitness instructors.

  7. Oversee the completion of all front counter responsibilities including computer work, filing and inventory of supplies.

  8. Review and recommend the need for replacement of all equipment.

  9. Oversee and schedule all rentals throughout Sunset Community Center.

  10. Other duties as assigned.

Finance: 1. Prepare and administer the annual budget for the Sunset Racquetball & Fitness Center and program areas. Authorization of budget and expense is through the Superintendent of Recreation.

Communications: 1. Inform the Superintendent of Recreation and other staff members of all pertinent matters.

  1. Establish internal communication of the staff at each the facility.

  2. Plan and conduct a promotional program at each of the facility and publicize through different media sources.

  3. Develop and maintain cooperative working relationships among staff members, program participants, public agencies and community organizations.

Personnel: 1. Recruit, hire, train and evaluate all full-time and part-time personnel for the Sunset Racquetball & Fitness Center.

  1. Supervise the SFRC Customer Service Manager, custodians and front counter staff.

  2. Assist with preparation of work schedules of all full-time and part-time personnel.

  3. Conduct staff meetings and/or in-service training programs on a regular basis.

Planning: 1. Maintain an adequate inventory of all supplies needed at the facility including maintenance supplies.

  1. Recommend repairs or replacement of facility equipment and arranges for repairs of facility with Superintendent of Recreation.

  2. Maintain an awareness of current trends in fitness to be incorporated as a part of the comprehensive plan of the Park District.

Safety Program: 1. Implement facility safety code and preventive maintenance program for the facility equipment.

Please submit cover letter and resume to Nicole Vickers at

 Geneva Park District


Nicole Vickers

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May 4, 2018  Print