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 $77,816 - $96,361

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JOB SUMMARY Responsible for the vision of the Leisure Services Department. Responsible for the operational excellence of programs and facilities. Responsible for implementing the organizational vision and mission statements within the Leisure Services Department. Work cooperatively with the Director of Finance, Director of Marketing and the Director of Parks & Planning as a part of the Executive Management Team to provide outstanding services to the community.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS ● Responsible for the vision of the Leisure Services Department. ● Overall leadership and management of recreational services, including the union of facilities and programs as one. ● Develop and Implement Revenue Goals for the Leisure Service Department. ● Work with the Director of Finance, Director of Marketing and the Director of Parks & Planning to implement the organizational values of the District. ● Responsible for all recreation budgets. ● Responsible for coaching and evaluating of Superintendents of Recreation. ● Be an integral part of the Community Character Coalition and support its mission with the District’s programs and facilities. ● Work with the athletic Advisory Boards to meet the goals of the community. ● Facilitate and participate in community focus groups. ● Facilitate Quarterly Meetings for the district. ● Become involved in professional organizations, particularly IPRA, including networking with professionals in other districts. ● Continue to be an integral part of the community, including working with the school districts, the Village and local service groups. ● Perform the job safely and in compliance with district policies, procedures, work and safety rules. ● Be familiar with the safe operation of any equipment necessary in accomplishing required tasks.

OTHER JOB FUNCTIONS ● Responsible for community special events that enhance our programming, involving all recreation staff. ● Work cooperatively with other departments to achieve the goals stated in the District’s master plan. ● Responsible to manage and maintain the District’s Internship Program. ● Approve all negotiated contracts for the Leisure Services Department. ● Work as a team member of the Executive Management Team. ● Work as a team member of the Management Team. ● Work on District wide projects, such as Distinguished Agency Award. ● Responsible for recognition programs both internal and external. ● Directs the Leisure Services community special event offerings. ● Continue to develop the in-house mentoring program. ● Participates on various work teams. ● Attends Park District Board Meetings. ● Reviews all department processes on an annual basis.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS ● Knowledge of park and recreation field. Emphasis on providing leisure services to an entire community. ● Knowledge of diverse program offerings in a community setting. ● Knowledge of recreational facility management that includes water parks, fitness center, skate park, theme park, historical museum and community centers. ● Knowledge of recreation registration and reservation system. ● Ability to prepare and monitor budgeting processes. ● Knowledge of human resource concepts and how to implement. ● Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing. ● Ability to handle the public’s concerns in a timely and professional manner. ● Build strong relationships with outside organizations. ● Ability to maintain positive and effective working relationships with all departments and staff. ● Skillful in solving problems and making decisions. ● Good knowledge of pertinent safety precautions. ● Good Leadership skills. ● Effective in analyzing policies throughout department for consistency. ● Ability to work in a fast paced team environment.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE The above knowledge and skills may be demonstrated by a Bachelor’s Degree in Parks and Recreation Administration or a related field. Masters Degree preferred, plus a minimum of seven years in a supervisory position in leisure services. Any equivalent combination of education and/or experience may be substituted for the above.

For more information and to apply please visit our website at:

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Christy King

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