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Under the direct supervision of the Board of Commissioners, the Director of Parks & Recreation is responsible for the implementation of agency policy and the administrative management of the Park District. The primary function of the Director is to carry out agency statutory responsibilities and to authorize and follow policies approved by the Board of Commissioners. The Director serves as the administrative leader of Park District departments and enterprise funds for recreation programming, personnel management, business management, parks/facility operations, and capital projects.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Direct the activities of the Park District in accordance with the Illinois Park District Code and the policies established by the Board.

Recommend policies, plans, and programs, and provide Commissioners with information necessary to the Board’s policy making functions.

Supervise the provision of a broad program of recreation that meets the needs and desires of community residents.

Organize and supervise an efficient administrative structure for the Agency.

Oversee the development and maintenance of parks and facilities.

Guide the development and operation of revenue facilities.

Oversee goals and objectives for Park District operations and develop achievement strategies.

Coordinate the development of the Park District’s Annual Strategic Plan and comprehensive capital improvements program. Work with consultants when appropriate.

Work with the Board of Commissioners, Residents & Community Groups to implement methods of public input in the Park District’s planning/decision making process.

Develop and recommend to the Board an annual working budget, appropriation ordinance, prevailing wage ordinance, and tax levy ordinance following specific requirements and timelines.

Exercise sound business management by reviewing and analyzing current fiscal conditions and projecting financial needs and resources.

Coordinate with Commissioner efforts to receive federal, state, county, and local funds to assist in Agency operations.

Supervise preparation of grants from various state and federal programs related to parks and recreation.

Conduct staff meetings and establish staff training programs.

Explain and interpret Board policy to staff, enhancing Team capabilities and maintaining open and effective relations.

Work with Department Managers to determine current and future staffing needs and appropriate personnel allocations.

Recruit, interview, and recommend staffing to Commissioners.

Serve as the Park District representative in providing public information media strategy regarding Board policies.

Promote greater understanding and support of Agency activities by participating and representing the Park District at governmental, civic, and community functions.

Be thoroughly familiar with the Illinois Park District Code and all Park District policies, as well as federal, state, and local statutes and ordinances, existing and proposed, that affect Agency operations.

Work with the Park District’s attorney in conjunction with Board established policies, procedures, and directives in handling Agency legal matters.

Be aware of and represent the Park District in matters pertaining to zoning changes, land development, Tax Increment Finance districts and related concerns that affect current and future Agency interests.

Make recommendations to Commissioners for potential land acquisition and facility development.


A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with the major course work in parks and recreation administration, finance/business management, public or business administration, or closely related fields of study. A Master’s Degree is preferred.

Knowledge of Park District operations, fiscal procedures and budget planning/administration.

Ability to perform duties with sound judgement, integrity, vision, creativity, tact, courtesy and persistence.

Excellent organizational skills and ability to demonstrate a high level of performance.

Ability to communicate clearly and work effectively with Commissioners, Staff, Residents, Participants, Community, and Media.

Ability to attend frequent meetings, workshops, and conferences during non-business hours.

Possession of a valid Illinois driver’s license.

Passage of a criminal background check and drug/alcohol test.

Certification status as a Parks and Recreational Professional in accordance with the standards of the IAPD/IPRA and NRPA (certification must be obtained within one-year of employment.)


Salary including an excellent Benefit Package is commensurate with qualifications/experience.


Please submit Resume & Cover Letter to: Park District of Franklin Park Board of Commissioners via Maria Laskowski, Human Resources Manager


Park District of Franklin Park
9560 Franklin Avenue
Franklin Park, Illinois 60131
Phone: 847-455-2852

Additional details about the responsibilities and scope of the Director of Parks & Recreation position will be included in the hiring process.

 Park District of Franklin Park


Maria Laskowski

 Closing Date

December 1, 2021  Print