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 $9.25 / hr

Niles Park District is excited to offer an array of summer internship opportunities for current college students and recent graduates looking to gain experience in the field. Enthusiastic and driven applicants are encouraged to submit their credentials for openings in the following areas:

• Athletics

• Aquatic Facility Operations

• General Recreation and Summer Camps

• Golf Course Operations

• Ice Rink Operations

• Marketing

Interns can expect to work 20-35 hours per week. Specific job responsibilities will vary by facility. Interns will gain experience across a wide range of essential tasks, including: revenue & inventory control, programming, staff supervision, customer service, special event planning & implementation, and marketing. Requirements applicable to all positions include:

• Area of study in Recreation / Leisure Studies or related field.

• Must be available to work evenings, weekends, and holidays as needed.

• Must have a valid driver’s license.

• Must be able to respectfully and effectively communicate with fellow staff, program participants, and facility users of all ages.

• Must have current CPR / AED and First Aid certification (or be able to attend Niles Park District training to become certified).

For more information, or to apply, please contact Peter Dubs at 847-583-2735 or email

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 Niles Park District


Peter Dubs

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Open Until Filled

 $35,000 - $42,000/year

Primary Duties • Identify new leads and generate sales for increased business.
• Book and schedule banquets, meetings, golf outings, and all events at Villa Olivia. • Coordinate and oversee banquet arrangements, golf outings, and other types of events/parties.
• Respond to requests from customers on their needs, or any additional special needs. • Responsible for marketing to include wedding shows, on-line presence, and social media. Qualifications • Associate’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in sales, hospitality management, business, or related field. • Minimum of three years in sales. • Or any equivalent combination of education, experience and training is required.
• Must have strong computer skills and excellent communication skills that focus on customer service. • The successful candidate must be able to project a professional appearance.

How to Apply Please apply on-line at under the Employment tab.

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 Bartlett Park District


Judith Kopka

 Closing Date

February 26, 2018

 $47,476-$71,214 DOQ

Bloomingdale Park District Assistant Director of Parks & Planning Job Description

Department: Parks and Planning Accountable to: Director of Parks and Planning Position Summary: This position serves as a working foreman and requires leadership and supervision of personnel and the execution of all associated parks maintenance responsibilities. Management of the agency's GIS system is a responsibility of the Assistant Director of Parks and Planning.

Parks maintenance positions at the Bloomingdale Park District demand efficient, courteous, and safe performance of the duties assigned to each specific position as well as general responsibilities related to maintaining safe, clean, and attractive parks and facilities. All Parks Department employees are expected to exercise sound judgment and decision making in the best interest of the Park District and its patrons. Parks Department employees are responsible for the appearance of all Park District facilities.

Each Bloomingdale Parks Department employee is expected to arrive at work punctually and prepared with a plan for the coming day’s activities. Performance will be evaluated on demonstrated skills, the efficiency and effectiveness in which work is completed, and the employee’s ability to manage their time in a manner that maximizes productivity and controls labor and material costs to the organization.

Function: Under the direction of the Director of Parks and Planning, the Assistant Director of Parks and Planning is responsible for ensuring that the department’s responsibilities are carried out efficiently and effectively. The Assistant Director of Parks and Planning is responsible for actively leading, managing, maintaining, repairing and improving the parks and facilities of the Bloomingdale Park District and the supervision of this work.


• High school graduate or equivalent.
• Five years of increasingly responsible public grounds and facility maintenance experience preferred.
Experience with GIS software and systems. • Must have and maintain valid Illinois Drivers License.
• Must be capable of acquiring and maintaining current CPR certification.
• Must be capable of acquiring and maintaining Pool Operator Certification from the National Swimming Pool Foundation.
• Must obtain formal training in playground safety. • Understanding of facility and equipment operations, including but not limited to: health department requirements and maintenance of aquatic facilities; principals of electrical systems and motors, plumbing piping and fixtures, HVAC routine maintenance, installing and repairing drywall paint and various wall coverings, different floor types and maintenance and repair practices, various roofing systems with needed maintenance and repairs, proper use of janitorial and landscaping equipment, chemicals and supplies. • Must be comfortable using computers for email, word processing, spreadsheet development/interpretation, and able to continue learning as technologies advance.

Essential Job Functions:

• Receiving direction from the Director of Parks and Planning, supervise Parks Department staff, full- and part-time. • Perform and assist with the planning of department duties. • Perform the job in compliance with District policies, procedures, work rules and employee manuals. • Perform and assist with the professional development of subordinate staff, including performance evaluations, and progressive discipline. • Actively work in parks and facilities while supervising staff, work plans and tasks. • Train and supervise others in compliance with District Safety Policies and Procedures • Adhere to, train others, and actively enforce safety procedures of the District and its overall risk management program. • Demonstrate and support the Park District’s mission statement, vision, and core values. • Ability to inspect, identify, perform, and supervise others in the repair needs on all park district assets. • Must be able to safely perform duties in the presence of the general population and or park patrons in public areas. • Capacity to utilize effective time management skills and be able to work under the stress of multiple deadlines, requests from others, interruptions, and work with accuracy and efficiency. • Exercise considerable independence in performing duties. • Ability to operate all District vehicles and equipment. • Perform and supervise others in general building maintenance tasks including but not limited to custodial, mechanical, plumbing, and carpentry. • Supervises and performs all required tasks to maintain Park District buildings, entire aquatic facility, fountains, irrigation, grounds, equipment, projects and tasks needed following written or verbal site construction plans. Management of the agency's GIS system is a responsibility of the Assistant Director of Parks and Planning. • Assists in installing, inspecting, maintaining and repairing; building, aquatic facility, spray-ground, drinking, decorative & interactive fountain and playground equipment. • Must understand and maintain the ability to operate The Oasis Pool mechanical systems. • Supervise staff or hire outside contractors in the maintenance and repair of building systems (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc.) • Maintain Park District turf areas including mowing, trimming, aerating, seeding and fertilizing. • Perform landscape maintenance to include watering, mulching, weeding, planting of flowers, and trimming of trees & shrubs. • Maintain and supervise others in the grooming of athletic fields including aerating, rolling, and striping. • Assist in and supervise maintenance of playground equipment to include safety inspections and painting. • Removing all refuse and trash from parks and playgrounds. • Training in CPR/AED/First aid is required • Must be flexible with schedule changes, extra hours, and emergency calls. • Assist in training of employees on the safe operation of all Park District vehicles and equipment. • Perform other duties and functions as directed.

Marginal Functions:

• Promote park district facilities and programs and maintain a positive public appearance. • Attend conferences, seminars, workshops, webinars as they pertain to the position. • Work in a cooperative effort or assisting manner toward continually improving park district facilities and programs. • Maintain all parks and facilities in a clean and safe environment for patrons and employees. • Assist with and supervise others in the performance of horticultural tasks. • Assist with construction and maintenance of park and playground equipment. • Assist with repair of buildings, roof, doors, windows, and electrical or plumbing. • Remove snow and ice from and salt/ice melt walks, drives and paths. • Create and maintain outdoor ice surfaces for skating. • Complete Accident/Incident Reports when necessary. • Provide courteous customer service to patrons. • Capacity to maintain positive and effective working relationship with supervisors and colleagues. • Ability to work harmoniously with fellow employees, patrons, community groups, and other units of local government. • Ability to communicate effectively within various settings, from one-on-one to small group configurations. • Capacity to maintain self-control and composure in difficult situations.

Hours of Work & Compensation:

The Assistant Director of Parks and Planning position is full-time, salaried, exempt, requiring non-traditional work-week schedules, dependent on the current needs of the Bloomingdale Park District. Salary range is from $47,476-$71,214 DOQ.

Psychological Considerations:

• May experience added stress and pressure in situations of an emergency or during busy times with multiple functions being required at one time • Ability to handle multiple tasks at one time, prioritize and complete them in a timely fashion.
• Ability to think independently and determine what tasks must be completed.

Physiological Considerations: • Heavy work, lifting up to 50 pounds frequently and up to 20 pounds constantly • General work areas outdoors with frequent exposure to natural and potentially extreme weather conditions, mud, dirt, dust various living and decaying organic materials. • General work areas indoors with frequent exposure to dirt, dust, fumes, exposure to chemicals such as chlorine, acids, pesticides, fertilizers, cleaning solutions, petroleum products, etc. • Personal protective equipment and clothing is required as it pertains to the particular duty including but not limited to: Ear plugs or ear covers Safety goggles, glasses or face shield Steel-toed boots, chain saw chaps, latex gloves Painting and spraying respirator Knee pads, and protective suit Harness and fall protection and or confined space equipment

Environmental Considerations:

• Work area is both indoors and outdoors. Indoors and vehicles are smoke-free environments.
• Frequent exposure to nature and potentially extreme weather conditions.
• Exposure to various chemicals with appropriate PPE personal protective equipment (i.e., fertilizers, weed killers, pool chemicals, cleaning agents, and oil fuels). • Exposure to noise distractions from employees, patrons or equipment operation. • Protective clothing and equipment is required as it pertains to a particular job duty and may include earplugs, or ear covers, helmets, respirators, safety goggles/glasses, chaps, leather type work boots, protective gloves, and disposable overalls. • Workers are allowed and encouraged to use mechanical or manual assists for lifting above 50 pounds as a guideline. Working in teams also provides assistance with heavier activities.

Cognitive Considerations:

Character Strength Completes work according to priorities without procrastination over undesirable tasks. Demonstrates personal integrity in all interactions. Maintains confidences.

Composure Controls temper, effectively manages stress so that it does not interfere with work performance.

Emotional Maturity Willingly accepts a variety of assignments and/or schedules. Demonstrates tolerance and patience in dealing with others. Responds positively to requests.

Interpersonal Skills Demonstrates skills in developing relationships with others to facilitate the completion of the work.

Memory Recall Recalls details of procedures and training and consistently follows established methods in task completion.

Mental Alertness Demonstrates ability to increase level of problem solving, building on past experiences.

Motivation Sets personal goals to challenge own development.

Realistic Takes on an appropriate share of the work without being taken advantage of. Strives to improve personal performance.

Scanning Accuracy Identifies patterns and trends affecting the work. Produces accurate work. Demonstrates ability to closely follow procedures.

Sensitivity Shows concern for the ideas and feelings of others and how it impacts getting the job done.

Success Orientation Sets personal standards for quality, quantity, and timeliness of work to challenge self to greater levels of performance. Improves the way the job is done.

Teamwork Makes contributions towards team success. Keeps commitments to aid in team accomplishments.

Technical Skill Applies education, training, and experience toward mastery of job requirements.

Verbal Ability Communicates technical information to non-technical audiences clearly and concisely.

Work Habits Organizes work to ensure completion of assigned tasks; maintains order and safety. Adapts priorities to respond to changing circumstances.

Work Terms Demonstrates a knowledge of business vocabulary necessary to relate to business operations.


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 Bloomingdale Park District


Joe Potts

 Closing Date

Open Until Filled


The Program Manager position is responsible for the delivery of athletic recreational programs, among other programs, facilities and services which meet the recreation needs of the community. This position is under the general supervision of the Superintendent of Recreation.

Salary: $58,500 + DOQ Schedule: Full Time   Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Develop, plan, organize, and manage assigned programs, facilities and special events subject to the needs and interests of the community, and in support of the District’s mission, vision and core values. Evaluate programs, facilities and special events, and formulate recommendations to improve services. Establish, support, and maintain collaborative efforts with internal and external customers and organizations. Work closely with related departments to identify strategic initiatives, establish direction, and further develop customer service philosophy.  Evaluate and continually improve processes and procedures to increase efficiencies. Optimize traditional and alternative revenue sources available for programming objectives. Purchase, inspect, inventory, and initiate requests for repairs on program equipment and supplies. Prepare, maintain, and submit reports regarding programs, equipment, facilities, and customer trends. Coordinate the use of facilities and services with other departments in the park district, school districts, community organizations and contractual vendors.  Modify activity schedules as needed to optimize facility utilization.  Ensure compliance with program outcomes and develop specific goals and objectives related to improvement of programs and special events. Prepare information for the District’s program guides and website, assist Marketing Department in the design and development of flyers, posters, brochures, and email marketing materials and distribute appropriately. Establish and maintain a positive working relationship with residents, customers, vendors, community partners and co-workers. Follow and model compliance with all District, State, Federal and departmental safety and risk management, personnel, administrative policies and procedures, ordinances and regulations. Maintain a proactive approach to safety and risk management.  Participate in the creation, implementation and evaluation of sound risk management policies and procedures.  Report all accidents and incidents in a timely manner.  Conduct timely accident investigations, complete accurate and timely accident and incident reports.  Work collaboratively with the HR Department on claims.  Is prepared for and cooperative during the loss control review process and PDRMA field visits.  Develop annual department/division budget and year end projections as outlined in the annual budget calendar.  Communicate budgetary requests as needed and educate direct reports on the approved annual budget.  Continuously monitor budget performance throughout the year, adjusting for unexpected expenses or fluctuations in revenue as appropriate.  Approve expenditures.  Comply with District financial policies.  Develop and approve job postings.  Screen applicants, interview potential candidates, select staff. Orient and provide training for new hires and rehires.  Ensure the accurate and timely completion of all new hire and re-hire paperwork.  Complete performance appraisals on an annual basis for part time reports.  Coach and develop staff on an on-going basis.  Communicate job expectations.  Provide training opportunities.  Administer appropriate praise and discipline. Schedule staff to ensure an adequate level of coverage. Ensure the accurate and timely completion of independent contractor agreements, and uphold terms of the agreements with contractual vendors. Ensure confidential use of customer information, including credit card transactions and household accounts.    Other Duties and Responsibilities: Respond to all customer comments and inquiries in a timely fashion. Formulate and recommend policies and programs that guide the district in maintaining and improving its image, competitive position, service levels and profitability. Work closely with the District’s Volunteer Coordinator to develop, plan, organize and implement program initiatives through the use of volunteers.   Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Knowledge of the theories, practices, and philosophy of community recreational programming. Knowledge and skill in budget preparation, financial management and fiscal control. Capacity to make decisions objectively based upon customer service and fiscal restraint. Skill in the operation and maintenance of recreational program equipment. Ability to recognize the needs of the community and organize programs/events to meet those needs. Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Demonstrate good judgment, initiative, flexibility and creativity. Ability to work in a team atmosphere. Ability to work independently in day-to-day operations with general direction from the supervisor. Working knowledge of basic computer software.   Education and Experience: Bachelor's degree in Recreation and Park Administration, Leisure Studies or related field. Minimum two (2) years experience in recreation programming preferred, or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Possession of, or the ability to obtain, CPRP certification within two (2) years of date of hire. Valid driver's license.     Special Considerations: Subject to modified/flexible work schedules. Subject to both inside and outside environmental conditions. Frequent manipulation of assigned office equipment. Continuous exposure to computer screens. Sustained posture in a seated or standing position for prolonged periods of time. Ability to occasionally lift, carry and move medium weight (50lbs.) objects. Ability to move from site to site. Occasional exposure to loud noise. Manual dexterity to manipulate recreation program equipment.

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 Naperville Park District


 Closing Date

Open Until Filled

 $21.63-$26.44 per hour (DOQ)

JOB SUMMARY Responsible for assisting the Manager of Information Technology with hands on enterprise application support and the day to day operations of the IT Department. Assisting with technology set-up of work stations, printers and software. Performing level 1 and 2 help desk duties, end user application support and basic network and system administration as assigned. Other duties include: Supporting the IT Manager with daily operational and technical projects. Performing network administration including firewall, router, and switch maintenance and support Performing server administration including physical and virtual server maintenance and support Performing application administration including updating user information, distribution lists, security. Cisco Call Manager and Unity VoIP administration. Recommending changes in software and hardware to improve district personnel capabilities.

QUALIFICATIONS Qualified applicants will have an Associates degree or certification program requiring two years to complete in Information Systems or related field. Prefer individual with Bachelor's degree in Information Systems or related field from an accredited college or university. Will consider relevant work experience of at least three years in lieu of Information Systems degree. Three years relevant help desk and technical experience in a corporate environment. Experience with Vermont Systems software a plus. Valid IL driver’s license required.

SCHEDULING & PAY This is a full time, non-exempt position. Hours are primarily Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5pm, however, on-call evenings and weekends are expected. Target hiring range: $21.63 - $26.44 / hour, dependent on qualifications . BENEFITS WE OFFER: In exchange for your time and talent, we offer a generous benefit package, including:  Medical Coverage, PPO or HMO  Prescription Coverage  Dental Coverage  Vision Reimbursement Program  Life Insurance (basic & voluntary)  Short- and Long-Term Disability (IMRF)  Pension / Defined Benefit Plan (IMRF)  457 Plan / Defined Contribution Plan  ROTH IRA & Flexible Spending Accounts  Paid Holidays, Personal Days, Vacation, Sick Time  Tuition Reimbursement  Park District Facility Discounts and Usage Benefits

APPLY ONLINE Visit us at – click on “Jobs” at the top of the page.

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 Glenview Park District


Kevin Roberts

 Closing Date

Open Until Filled