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Position Focus: The Aquatic and Facility Supervisor is responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of recreation programs, special events, designated recreation center building operations, the gymnastics program, and all aspects of the Itasca Waterpark. The Aquatic and Facility Supervisor is responsible for performing the essential and marginal functions as outlined in this description. The Aquatic and Facility Supervisor is a full-time employee. General work hours are a minimum of 40 hours a week. Work hours generally take place Monday through Friday, although some weekend hours and evening hours apply. There are required weekly evening shifts.

Qualifications: Applicant must be 21 years or older. A bachelor degree in Park and Recreation Management or the equivalence in related experience and education is required. The individual should possess friendly and effective interpersonal, written, verbal and telephone communication skills. Individual must be familiar with Microsoft Office applications and able to learn other software packages. The individual should have the ability to plan, organize, supervise and lead recreation and educational programs and staff. The individual will be expected to be/or become a certified First Aid and CPR/AED Instructor, Ellis Instructor, and obtain a Food & Service Sanitation License, AFO or CPO certification, and have a valid Illinois class D driver’s license.

Send cover letter, resume, and completed Itasca Park District employment application to 350 E. Irving Park Road, Itasca, IL 60143. Employment application is available at

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for all aspects of the Itasca Waterpark; including, but not limited to hiring and training staff, programs, rentals, special events, concessions, operations, maintenance, etc. 2. Maintain appropriate documentation of safety records, pool records, staff training, and staff certifications.
3. Supervise designated recreation center operations: room usage and rentals; building supervisor and custodial schedules, training, day-to-day cleaning and building set-ups; coordination of community service program, babysitting service, and building vending. 4. Responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of select special events and birthday parties.
5. Develop, implement and promote holiday special events including Polar Express, Winter events, Water Egg Hunt, and H20 nights.
6. Plan, implement and evaluate general preschool age and youth programs.
7. Oversee operations of the gymnastics program. 8. Hire, train, supervise and evaluate staff. 9. Prepare and manage budgets.
10. Prepare and maintain policy and procedure manuals for areas of supervision. 11. Responsible for operation of outdoor ice rink.

Marginal Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Prepare reports, statistics and evaluations on programs and personnel. 2. Accurately and timely complete payroll. 3. Promote appropriate sponsorship opportunities and partnerships. 4. Develop and implement appropriate marketing strategies (brochure, flyers, press releases, etc) for areas under one’s supervision. 5. Perform and enforce the rules and guidelines of the District safety program and serve on committee. 6. Work with Fitness Manager to teach First Aid CPR/AED classes to staff.
7. Assist with district wide special events.
8. Assist other areas of the recreation department and district as deemed necessary by the Superintendent of Recreation and Executive Director.
9. Other duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge: The Aquatic and Facility Supervisor must be able to work under the supervision of the Superintendent of Recreation. He or she must be able to work, interact with the general population, including children, adults and staff in a friendly and courteous manner. The individual should be able to work with other staff and participants under stressful situations. He or she should be able to recognize and take appropriate action to correct safety hazards.

Required Competencies: Must have the ability to read, write and organize materials. Must be able to understand basic math functions to do payroll and budget. Must be able to supervise staff and participants and have safety awareness.

Physical Demands & Environmental Conditions: The person will be required to be able to lift and turn and carry 40 pounds, and placing this load on shelves at chest height so as to fulfill this requirement. During special events, the individual should be able to work long stretches of time. The individual may be required to work during various weather conditions, including hot and cold temperatures as well as rain and snow.

Sitting - constantly Walking - frequently Strength – moderate (0-40 lbs) Climbing – occasionally Balancing – occasionally Stooping – occasionally Kneeling – occasionally Crouching – not present Crawling – not present Reaching – occasionally

This job description is intended to describe the general content of and requirement for the performance of this position. It is not to be constructed as an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities or requirements, and additional duties may be assigned at any time.

Send cover letter, resume, and completed Itasca Park District employment application to 350 E. Irving Park Road, Itasca, IL 60143. Employment application is available at

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 Itasca Park District


Doug Sieder

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POSITION SUMMARY: The position of Aquatic Assistant Manager is a seasonal position (Preseason training, paperwork and May through Labor Day). Under the direct supervision of the Aquatic Recreation Manager, the Aquatic Assistant Manager is responsible for the daily operations of the park district pool. The individual hired in this position is hired on the demonstration of responsibility and maturity.

EDUCATIONAL AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: • Must be at least 21 years old• Must have a High School Diploma • Must have three seasons of experience as a lifeguard, Head Guard, or Aquatic Assistant Manager• Must possess a current: Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor Certification •Red Cross Lifeguard • Must be able to supervise the lifeguard staff, consisting mostly of high school and college aged students • Must have knowledge of pool chemicals and maintenance

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: • Shall train and supervise the lifeguard and deck attendant staff • Shall supervise pool operations and maintenance • Shall supervise the sanitation and cleanliness of all pool areas and record chlorine and PH in accordance with State Health regulations • Shall supervise all lifeguards on duty to maintain maximum safety for patrons and pool equipment • Shall conduct trainings for lifeguards and aquatic staff • Shall immediately report any needed repairs to the Park District Superintendent • In case of emergency or accident, shall supervise and coordinate any rescue operations; the notification of the proper authorities including the Park District Director; and shall complete any necessary paperwork • Shall report any conditions which might deem pool closing necessary • Shall perform other duties as assigned • Must have thorough knowledge of emergency and auxiliary services available in the community when needed in emergency situations • Must have thorough knowledge of pertinent safety precautions

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: • Physically and mentally able to respond in an emergency situation • Must be able to see, hear and communicate clearly • Must have strong organizational skills •Must be able to demonstrate lifeguarding and training skills

Please submit application or resume to:
Jodi Krause, Superintendent of Recreation 847.304.5291
235 Lions Dr, Barrington, IL 60010

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 Barrington Park District


Jodi Krause

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The Itasca Park District offers an internship to students pursuing a degree in the field of parks and recreation with a comprehensive experience within the agency's operation. The intern will gain experience in administration, marketing, budgeting, leadership, staff management, programming, facility management, special events, and maintenance/parks. The Intern will assist in several programs and special events. Qualifications: Must be a current student of an accredited university, pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Recreation, Leisure Studies or a related field, looking to complete an internship. Student must provide own transportation.

Duties: In this internship, students will work in the areas of program development, facility management, written and oral communication, human resources, budgeting, training of employees, evaluation of both programs and personnel, customer service, maintenance, parks, operational and program manual development, contracts, and marketing. Intern will be required to work flexible hours including nights and weekends based on projects assigned.

Send cover letter, resume, and completed Itasca Park District employment application to Doug Sieder, Superintendent of Recreation. 350 E. Irving Park Road, Itasca, IL 60143. Employment application is available at

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 Itasca Park District


Doug Sieder

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Position: Custodian

Classification: 12-month Custodian, 8hrs/Day

General Description: To perform cleaning duties in the facility to keep areas in clean and orderly condition. Provides assistance with outside cleaning duties. Makes repairs on small equipment and on broken desks, chairs, door parts, windows, etc.

Supervisor: Building Administrator

Evaluation: Members of the support staff are formally evaluated annually as superior, satisfactory, or unsatisfactory in each of the following categories: 1) Quality of Work, 2)Productivity, 3) Initiative and Creativity, 4) Job Related Skills, 5) Professionalism, 6) Attendance, and 7) Interpersonal Skills.

Minimum Entry Requirements:

  1. Ability to work effectively with staff, students, parents, and administrators

  2. Demonstrates pride in the district, school, students, co-workers, and own job

  3. Competent in cleaning, floor refinishing, and technological skills

  4. Ability to prioritize and problem solve complex tasks

  5. Ability to perform the custodial tasks appropriate for the position

  6. Skill in interpersonal relations and the ability to maintain confidentiality

  7. Ability to conduct and maintain a professional demeanor

  8. Multi-task oriented with the ability to work independently or as part of a team to complete tasks

  9. Physically capable of performing the appropriate duties associated with the position with or without accommodations

  10. Able to work 8 hours a day

Essential Functions of the Job:

  1. Perform cleaning functions throughout school facilities

  2. Perform snow removal and operate cleaning machinery

  3. Assist in minor repairs and filter changes

  4. Perform Tasks as Assigned by the Supervisor and/or Building Principal

Illustration of Responsibilities and Duties

The following is a list of responsibilities and typical duties that fall under those responsibilities. The list is general in nature and is meant to illustrate many of the things that are done by the combined efforts of all the custodial staff in the school district. Each administrative office assigns the responsibilities and duties according to what that attendance center needs to have done according to the particular time or circumstances.

There may be items not on this list that are related to the functions of the job that a 12- month custodian may be expected to do. The typical duties will vary according to the specific position in the particular building or office, and each building or office may have a more specific description of behaviors applicable to that setting:

  1. Makes minor maintenance repairs which may include replacing lights and receptacle covers; repairs broken desks and chairs; replaces and/or repairs door parts, pencil sharpeners; installs overhead screens.

  2. Changes air filters; clears clogged drains and commodes; vacuums water from floors due to pipe or roof leaks; replaces ceiling tiles, repairs power cords; replaces tissue holders, window shades, broken windows, etc.

  3. Provides assistance with outside cleaning chores, which include sweeping sidewalks and/or parking areas, picking up trash, snow removal, etc.

  4. Cleans classrooms, restrooms, offices, corridors, walls and windows daily, or as scheduled; sweeps, mops, vacuums and/or waxes floors.

  5. Operates various types of equipment and machinery which includes water vacuum, band trucks, vacuum cleaners, carpet shampoo machine, floor buffer/polisher, steam cleaner, washing machine, dryer, etc.

  6. Makes repairs as needed.

  7. Assists in providing summer cleaning of buildings which includes lifting and removing furniture from school rooms, cleaning floors and blinds, washing walls, doors, furniture, etc.

  8. May be required to lock and/or unlock doors at the appropriate times daily.

  9. Removes debris from buildings each day.

  10. Perform other tasks and responsibilities assigned by the supervisor.Position: Custodian

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 Community High School District 155


Patrice Juarez

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Qualifications: Must be a student of an accredited university pursuing a bachelors or masters degree in Recreation, Leisure Services or a related field. All the necessary requirements must be met with respective college or university to be eligible. Must have a valid drivers license. First-Aid/CPR/AED certification is preferred, but will train.

Duties: The Winfield Park District is offering a professional internship to students working towards a degree within the field of parks and recreation. The internship will provide a well rounded experience in park district operations, administration, public recreation, safety, facility management, special events, fiscal management, marketing, maintenance and program management.

Internship opportunities are available in the spring and summer.

To apply please email resume and cover letter to

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 Winfield Park District


Thomas Bower

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