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Job Summary: The General Manager/Technician is responsible for the on-time high-quality resurfacing and other scheduled maintenance of the ice sheet, maintaining the building cleanliness and safety standards with minimal supervision. This position uses independent judgment within the parameter of the Park District and Ice Arena policies to prioritize and complete tasks and projects to ensure high quality customer service consistent with the changing priorities of daily programming and the inherently changing safety and cleaning needs of an ice arena. Other project will be offered based on skills, interest and needs of the ice arena and its guests.

Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Provide day-to-day supervision of Ice Valley Centre Ice Arena Customer Service Staff in the Admission Office and/or Breakaway Cafe including supervision of all staff members when needed.

  1. Provide a safe, clean, and family-friendly environment by working within the policies, procedures, and rules established by the Kankakee Valley Park District.

  2. This position may require you to fill in a position if there is a call off, etc.

  3. Will complete all necessary paperwork to comply with PDRMA. Make sure all records are up to date.

  4. Conduct all front desk staff trainings (pre-season, monthly meetings, safety trainings, etc). Conduct and attend regular Ice Facility Management meetings.

  5. Assists in staff evaluations twice a season.

  6. Communicates all disciplinary actions prior too to the HR Manager.

  7. Ensure all staff and patrons adhere to the facility rules.

  8. Work cordially with all Park District staff and patrons of the facility and respond to needs promptly.

  9. Check and respond to messages (voicemail and email) from staff, patrons, and other managers within 24 hours.

  10. Assist in the evaluation and training of Customer Service Staff in the proper procedures and policies.

  11. Be familiar with all computer and concession equipment, and facility rules.

  12. Complete necessary paperwork on a daily basis.

  13. Operating and maintaining the z=Zamboni

  14. Change filters in the air filtration system

  15. Inspecting belts for air handling units for wear and tear

  16. Testing condenser tank water

  17. Maintaining HVAC System

  18. Maintaining dehumidifier operation

  19. Maintaining surface of the ice

  20. Checking humidity levels in arena area

  21. Comply with the district dress code (clean presentable clothing

  22. Perform the duties of a technician

  23. Communicate with KCC fitness

  24. Keep maintenance logs up to date

  25. Payroll approval each pay period

  26. Schedule all IVC staff on w2w (excludes fs, hockey instructors, spec events)

  27. Oversee concession operations/supervisor

  28. Accident/Incident Forms completed and turned in promptly, all incidents involving employees or any incidents requiring EMS shall require immediate notification to the Facility Manager.

  29. Develop and maintain a good working relationship with patrons and groups.

  30. Monitor cleanliness of entire Ice Arena.

  31. Check and monitor inventory on a daily basis and submit proper forms with daily deposit.

  32. Read and understand the Kankakee Valley Park District’s Personnel Policy Manual, IDPH Food Service Code Book, Customer Service Manual and Bassett training

  33. Perform all other duties as assigned to the best of your ability.

  34. Responsible for preparing the facility and area.

  35. Administer First Aid as needed.

  36. Respond to ALL alarm calls

  37. Able to work morning/day/evening/weekends

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 Kankakee Valley Park District


Melissa Woodard

 Closing Date

November 11, 2018

 $58,000-$63,000 DOQ

Job description fade

Why the Butterfield Park District? If you are looking to work in a challenging, yet rewarding professional environment, the Butterfield Park District is right for you! Under experienced and visionary leadership, the Butterfield Park District is looking to better serve the residents of this changing community. With the resurgence of new younger families and the challenge of serving our more experienced residents, the Butterfield Park District is looking to expand its offerings and improve current services to all those who call Butterfield home.

About the Position: This position, under the supervision of the Executive Director, is responsible for developing and leading the Recreation Department operations: developing a line-up of exciting programs and events, overseeing a recognized aquatics program, nurturing a respected and growing early childhood program, assisting in developing district operational standards and processes, along with developing, mentoring and leading an eager team of park and Recreation professionals!

An exciting Opportunity: The right person for this position would include a person with: a positive attitude, effective communication skills, the understanding and sensitivity to staff and community needs, outstanding customer service skills, a team mentality, passion in what they do, open mindedness, ability to embrace change, is creative, innovative and is trustworthy. Our candidate will be a person who wants to lead through integrity and enthusiasm.

What you should expect: We are a moderately small district and all of our professionals work very closely together. This team member will operate in a professional and friendly office environment, where collaboration and teamwork are appreciated and expected. This position’ office will be located in the Butterfield Park District Recreation and Aquatic Center and will work very closely with all areas of the organization. This team member should also be available for evening or weekends on occasion and on site for major activities or events when needed. Support, training and supervision of the recreation department’s personnel is a critical part of this position.

Qualifications We highly value education, training and experience. As a key member of our leadership team, this position requires a degree from an accredited university or college, preferable in the field of Parks and Recreation. Preference would be that this person would also be a CPRP or willing to obtain within the first year of employment. Other, related certifications will certainly be considered favorably.

The Challenge: Are you looking to make a difference in an environment in which you will be both challenged and rewarded? Are you up to the challenge of growing a program that is ripe for new ideas and approaches in a community that wants more from their Park District? Do you meet the competencies for this job and want to work with a service centered team? If so, come join us and help make Butterfield Park District better together!

How to Apply: Please email Cover Letter, Resume and Application to Dr. Larry Reiner @ by October 5th, 2018 for consideration.

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 Butterfield Park District


Larry Reiner

 Closing Date

Open Until Filled


Job description fade

Therapeutic Recreation Program Coordinator

SALARY/SALARY RANGE: This is a Full -Time salaried position ranging from $34,000 - $36,000/yr.

FLSA: Exempt

BENEFITS: Complete medical/health/life/vision and dental package; vacation, holidays, personal and sick days; IMRF pension plan, 457b, NCTRC, IPRA and ATRA Membership, continuing education, and the Member District leisure benefits.

DIRECTLY REPORTS TO: The Executive Director

RESPONSIBLE FOR DIRECTLY SUPERVISING: Assists Executive Director with supervising Part-Time Staff, Volunteers, Day Camp Site Directors, Interns


Responsible for the interviewing, training and orientating, supervising and managing agency part-time staff, Volunteers, Interns, and Program Leaders to work with individuals with different abilities participating in recreation and leisure programs and services within the Kishwaukee Special Recreation Association (KSRA) five member districts. Responsible for maintaining part-time staff records including statistics and preparing monthly and quarterly board reports. Coordinates staffing for all programs, secures subs for programs, assist with part-time staff recruitment and the proofing of part-time staff payroll. Represent KSRA at meetings, support community access to recreation for individuals with disabilities and advocate for the development of recreation programs for everyone. To assist with the coordination of all aspects of the General, Camp, and Inclusion programming for individuals with different abilities. To support the Inclusion process for individuals with different abilities participating in recreation and leisure programs and services within the Kishwaukee Special Recreation Association (KSRA) 5 member districts, in cooperation with the member district staff, the participants and parents/guardians. To assist the Executive Director with in-service training for member district staff and KSRA staff regarding Inclusion and ADA.


  1. Graduate from accredited college or university with a BA/BS degree in Therapeutic Recreation, Parks and Recreation, or related field of study.

  2. Must have knowledge of and ability to confidently work effectively with individuals with different abilities.

  3. Current National Council on Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC) or the ability to get certified within an allotted time determined by the policy of the Association and/or the Executive Director.

  4. Must have a minimum of two years of full time experience with children and adults with various disabilities.

  5. Demonstrate knowledge of disabling conditions, and experience in planning and implementation of a wide range of recreation programs for people with disabilities.

  6. Ability to assess, plan, develop, implement, and evaluate activity programs for recreation, leisure and therapeutic recreation programs.

  7. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively communicate with full-time staff, student interns, part-time staff, volunteers, parents/guardians, participants, park district and school district personnel, as well as members of the general public.

  8. Experience in the supervision, training and evaluation of part time employees with a supervisory style that includes well-developed organizational skills.

  9. Must demonstrate strong leadership qualities; confidence, maturity, flexibility and professionalism.

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 Kishwaukee Special Recreation Association


Dawn Schaefer

 Closing Date

October 10, 2018

 $82,666 to $103,333 (DOQ)

Job description fade

Under the administrative direction of the Executive Director and Director of Operations and Public Safety, the Chief of Police is responsible for all activities of the Police Department, including police operations and administration. The District expects an active leader who is highly communicative, engaging and accessible to the members of the McHenry County Conservation District Police Department.

The Police Chief is expected to not only lead the activities of the Police Department, but also be a key member of the District’s Leadership Team. He/she must consistently work toward the overall betterment of the Conservation District and the greater McHenry County. This work is done in an environment of transparency, accountability and collaboration.

For further job details, position qualifications, and application requirements, please visit the employment page on the McHenry County Conservation District's website at

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 McHenry County Conservation District


Jenny Heider

 Closing Date

October 5, 2018

 $36,500 - $40,000

Job description fade

The Inclusion Specialist is responsible for the organization, implementation and evaluation of recreational programs for individuals with a disability or special need from child to adult. This position requires the application of specialized therapeutic training to administer a broad recreation delivery of services for individuals with special needs without exclusion from activities or programs. The position is full-time, with hours that fluctuate to accommodate evening and weekend programs, meetings and trainings.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation, Special Education, adaptive physical education or a related field from an accredited collage or university. Ability to complete NCTRC (National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification) or comparable certification within six (6) months of employment. A valid Illinois Driver’s License. Knowledge of the recreational needs of persons with a disability without exclusion. Knowledge and/or training in the area of therapeutic recreation, recreation, special education, adaptive physical education or a related field.

Essential Functions: 1. Under the supervision and direction of the Inclusion Manager work as a team in coordinating, supervising, implementing and evaluating the Inclusion services provided by M-NASR 2. Be knowledgeable of all happenings in the Inclusion area so as to be the key liaison for Inclusion in the absence of the Inclusion Manager (including staffing, payroll, staff supervision and member district relations) 3. Attend trainings and conduct disability specific educational sessions for Member Districts as necessary 4. Direct leadership of leisure services and programs for individuals of all ages with special needs and ability levels 5. Supervision of program participants including behavior management, transferring and other skills necessary for the overall independence and participation of individuals with a disability 6. Plan for programs (social clubs, all-inclusive special events, and Halloween Dance) 7. Supervise Friday night social clubs during program seasons (be available to stay until program begins or otherwise stated by supervisor to ensure a safely run program) 8. Gather, load, transport and set up of equipment necessary for program implementation 9. Assist in the management, training and orientation of support staff 10. Act as liaison for Group Homes (answer any questions or concerns Group Homes may have and communicate any situations/issues to Group Home Contacts) 11. Host Group Home Waiver Meeting every two years and provide orientations as necessary throughout the year 12. Keep an accurate, updated contact list of current Group Home Contacts 13. Organize interviewing schedule for hiring prior to summer season 14. Assist in the daily management of programs through paperwork, record keeping systems, budgets, program evaluations and documentations 15. Earn Lifeguard, CPI, CPR and First Aid/AED certifications within 1 year of employment 16. Other agency-related responsibilities as assigned by Supervisor, Superintendent or Executive Director

Marginal Functions: 1. Drive van or car to daily programs, seasonal special events or away trips 2. Purchase supplies necessary for programs (including social clubs) 3. Attending meetings for state or local organizations 4. Deliver seasonal brochures and other flyers to member district facilities 5. Interview potential staff for summer season 6. Safety Policy Compliance

Safety Considerations: 1. Comply with all M-NASR Safety Policies and Procedures and carry out all tasks in a safe manner 2. Attendance at mandatory safety in-services 3. Member of Safety Committee

Psychological Considerations: 1. Must be able to respond to needs of individuals with disabilities in a sensitive and compassionate manner 2. Must be able to work under loud and stressful conditions 3. Must demonstrate adequate leadership qualities

Physiological Considerations: None

Environmental Considerations: 1. May be exposed to extreme weather conditions (i.e. snow, rain and extreme heat) 2. May be exposed to elements when driving to meetings/programs or when assisting in outdoor functions 3. May be exposed to hazardous vegetation (i.e. poison ivy) during activities

Cognitive Considerations: 1. Must exhibit good problem solving ability and good judgment in keeping the mission of M-NASR 2. Must be able to demonstrate good safety awareness 3. Must be able to follow rules and directions

Essential Physical Capabilities: 1. Prolonged periods of sitting, standing, bending, stooping, and walking 2. Good vision 3. Good hearing at conversation levels 4. Good general health 5. Good speaking capabilities 6. Capable of lifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying items weighing 20-50 pounds with mechanical assistance or team lift.

Pre-placement Examination: screening which would measure the individual’s capability to perform the essential functions of the position. Includes: 1. Complete medical history and physical evaluation 2. Complete vision evaluation 3. Audiogram 4. Drug screen 5. Lifting test up to 20-50 lbs.

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 Maine-Niles Association of Special Recreation


Jennifer Gebeck

 Closing Date

Open Until Filled