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 $62,000+ DOQ

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Job Title: Superintendent of Recreation & Revenue Facilities Department: Recreation/Administration Classification: Exempt, IMRF Eligible Salary: $62K+ DOQ

Position Summary Under the direction and supervision of the Executive Director, the Superintendent of Recreation & Revenue Facilities is responsible for organizing, performing, and overseeing all recreation programs, services, special events, scheduling and daily operations of the Recreation Department. The Superintendent of Recreation & Revenue Facilities is also responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of the Recreation Department’s strategies and initiatives to meet the goals of the Addison Park District, while providing quality programs and services to the community. The Superintendent of Recreation & Revenue Facilities is on call, and will be responsible for supervising, managing, coaching, training, and leading employees. This is an at-will position.

Qualifications • Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation, Public Administration, Park Administration, or related field. • Minimum of five to seven (5-7) years of full-time experience in related field. • Preference given to candidates with a minimum of three to five (3-5) years’ experience managing staff, special facilities and developing recreation programs and services. • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.). • Must have a valid Driver’s License. • Must be Red Cross CPR and AED Certified within six (6) months of hiring. • Preference given to candidates with RecTrac or ability to become proficient within six (6) months of hiring. • Preference given to candidates with experience in creating, implementing and managing business plans, revenue facilities and success in utilizing alternative revenue sources. • Preference given to candidates with a CPRP or willingness to obtain within one (1) year of hiring (or as outlined in the qualifications of obtaining a CPRP).

Essential Duties & Responsibilities • Employee is responsible for managing direct reports by setting goals, communicating job expectations, job training, coaching duties and responsibilities, performance evaluation, recognition, and discipline. • Employee is responsible for monitoring various recreational activities and services which include, but are not limited to, Links & Tees, Club Fitness, special events, youth/adult programs, aquatics, athletics, etc. • Employee is responsible for setting department financial goals, participating in forecasting departmental projections, tracking financial activities, statistical reporting, and prioritizing and re-prioritizing activities within the recreational department. • Employee must assist with promoting programs, special events and services within the community, including, but not limited to verbal promotions (public appearances, radio, etc.), written promotions, (news releases, brochure, flyers, etc.), and visual promotions (poster, sign boards, photos, etc.) as often as necessary to be effective. • Employee must implement, manage and oversee the development, implementation, and evaluation of the department’s business plans, programs, special events and services offered to the community, while understanding, developing, and adhering to the specified budget. • Employee must complete, manage and oversee preparing budgets, financial reports, staffing needs, etc. while making any recommendations for revenue and expenditure adjustments, based on fact, market research, etc. • Employee must schedule, implement, oversee and conduct staff orientation, meetings, trainings, etc. for employees as needed. • Employee must be detail oriented and maintain accurate records pertaining, but not limited to all programs, special events, services, etc. and present the data to staff, the leadership team, the Board, etc., as needed. • Employee must demonstrate, lead, support, and administer the park district’s mission statement, vision, core values, policies, and procedures. • Employee must maintain a proactive approach to safety and risk management. • Employee must perform all job tasks within the rules and guidelines of the Addison Park District’s safety program. • Employee is responsible for being an effective team player with all departments in the park district.

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 Addison Park District


Jennifer Hermonson
(630) 688-0223

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Open Until Filled

 $48,000+ DOQ

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Job Title: Marketing & Communications Manager Department: Administration Classification: Exempt, IMRF Eligible Salary: $48,000+ DOQ

Job Summary The Marketing & Communications Manager is responsible for the District’s marketing and communications program, while working with the Executive Director, Department Heads, managers, supervisors and staff on specific projects that also encompass public relations efforts including, but not limited to: crisis communications, public information, public relations, internal/external promotions and internal/external marketing.

The Marketing & Communications Manager plans, directs, coordinates and controls the District's communications, public information and marketing efforts as it relates to all internal/external activities and programs. The Marketing & Communications Manager is also in charge of completing and directing the research, writing, media selection, preparation and release of public information, public relations and marketing materials to lead the production of positive, pro-active information to showcase the District's internal/external programs.

The Marketing & Communications Manager provides overall management and implementation to the District's communication efforts to generate press releases, publications, promotional items, website updates, and all other journalism, communications, advertising and all other marketing materials/activities/needs that will provide the public with a positive image of the District's efforts in conjunction with the District’s mission, vision and core values.

The Marketing & Communications Manager also plans and develops the District’s marketing plan, which includes, but is not limited to the overall marketing goals and strategies, publications, ad campaigns, media/public/ consumer relations efforts, customer service programs, surveys, perception development/enhancement strategies, marketing plans and strategies for each department (and programs within each department), and dedicates her/himself to assisting all departments in meeting and exceeding their marketing goals.

Qualifications • Employee must have a minimum of a BA/BS in Journalism, Public Relations, Marketing, Marketing Research, Integrated Marketing Communications, Graphic Design or related field, and five (5) years of progressively more responsible experience in marketing and communications. • Employee must have a minimum of three (3) years supervisory experience. • Employee must have a valid state driver’s license. • Employee must have proven expertise in editing and writing for publications, websites and marketing materials. • Employee must have a basic understanding of marketing/graphic software (such as, Word Press, Adobe InDesign), Adobe and Microsoft Office software, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. • Experience in creating a comprehensive marketing plan preferred.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities Marketing Plan/Strategy • Employee is responsible for development of all marketing and communications content. • Employee will work with the Marketing Assistant on all develop and design on all graphics and design. • Employee must develop and implement a comprehensive District-wide marketing plan and update as needed. • Employee must oversee and manage "branding" for the District. • Employee must oversee and manage the development, implementation and evaluation of a broad and varied portfolio of marketing and communications programs and services to insure that the needs of the community are being met. • Employee must establish and implement marketing strategies to achieve the District’s mission, vision and core values. • Employee must plan and implement target marking plans. • Employee must develop and implement a long-range strategic communication plan. • Employee must analyze and report the effectiveness of District marketing strategies on an ongoing basis. • Employee must direct, formulate, review and update the Marketing and Communications’ department goals and objectives consistent with the Department and District’s mission, vision and core values and lead department staff in the accomplishment of these goals and objectives.

Note: All District-wide Marketing and Communication Plans need to be approved by the Executive Director (or designee).

Research/Market Analysis • Employee must conduct ongoing research and analysis (with other District staff) of customer base to improve service and participation levels via database and surveys. • Employee must seek, interpret and implement input from the public. Track quantitative and qualitative information from marketing efforts; develop proactive marketing strategies to meet the public’s needs and increase satisfaction levels by working cohesively and collaboratively with District staff. • Employee must plan and develop market research objectives and conducts market research through surveys, focus groups, needs analyses, attitude surveys and other methods to determine attitudes and needs of the District’s community. • Employee must monitor emerging demographic, social, cultural and recreational trends to identify opportunities for new or revised marketing for programs, services and marketing outreach. • Establishes and maintains a demographic database of the District’s community and surrounding area.

Supervision/Management • Employee must plan and prepare performance appraisals for appropriate staff. • Employee must recruit and select employment of Marketing and Communications’ department personnel. • Employee must prepare payroll for all staff reporting to this position.

Community Relations • Employee must represent the District while working with key community leaders, partners, schools, affiliates, sports leagues and other organizations on special projects/promotions. • Employee must establish and maintain effective relationships with members of the print and broadcast media. • Employee must serve as an internal and external public relations counselor. • Employee must promote, organize and stimulate good relationships with community, interest groups and with other agencies serving the area, in the best interest of the District. • Employee must oversee/manage all of the District’s social media.

Budget • Employee must prepare and administer an annual marketing and communications’ budget. • Employee must prepare annual budget projections and monitor applicable revenue and expenses for areas of responsibility throughout the fiscal year.

Creating Materials • Employee must assist/oversee the creation of brochures and maps for key District facilities and parks. • Employee must assist/oversee the production of marketing and branding materials; including, but not limited to uniforms, forms, letterhead, envelopes, banners, District forms, etc.
• Employee must manage, plan, implement, write, edit and proofread all print promotions, graphic materials and on-site displays; including, but not limited to signs, posters, banners, window displays, bulletin boards, on-hold messaging system, newsletters, news articles, advertisements, flyers, etc.
• Employee must develop effective content for promotional tools including banners, posters, promotional flyers, social media and other tools as needed. • Employee must write/assist/oversee press releases and distribute them to the appropriate media contacts on an ongoing basis. • Employee must attend District events to gain a better understanding of the programs for marketing purposes. • Employee must write and distribute the monthly Board and staff report.

Program Guide • Employee must supervise/manage the entire production process for the seasonal program guides, including, but not limited to, choosing a printer, layout and design of the pages and covers, writing articles (as needed), proofing page proofs, and any other tasks/duties necessary to insure format consistency and quality. • Employee must supervise/manage the delivery of the program guide. • Employee must supervise/manage the production of all marketing pieces, including, but not limited to, brochures, posters, flyers, etc.

Note: The Marketing Assistant will be responsible for a majority of the creation of the graphics for the District and it will be a team effort for the brochure.

Processes • Employee must create an effective policy and procedure for handling promotional requests from staff. • Employee must work with District employees to improve customer communication/service. • Employee must develop and maintain a master calendar of events and promotions; and establish an annual calendar of events for promotional scheduling. • Employee must develop (if needed) and maintain an identity (brand) for the District, by acting as graphics advisor to the staff. • Employee must coordinate the marketing and promotional efforts of all departments, while establishing and maintaining good, cooperative working relations with the Executive Director, Department Heads, managers, supervisors, staff, etc. • Employee must assist staff and recommend alternative funding resources such as grants, sponsorships and donations that would assist the District, as needed. • Employee must establish policies and procedures for all aspects of the marketing department. • Employee must attend Department staff meetings, other staff meetings and Board Meetings, as requested. • Employee must set and achieve annual revenue goals (with staff’s assistance) for sponsorships, partnerships and other alternative revenue sources and solicit advertising revenue for produced materials. • Employee must coordinate outside contractors including artists, designers, photographers, printers, etc. • Employee must coordinate/oversee content of District website. • Employee must solicit bids on printing projects and handle all printing/production related items. • Employee must oversee the software and hardware needs of the Marketing Department. • Employee must assist with and/or attend programs and special events, as needed.

Secondary Duties & Responsibilities • Employee will be the press’ point of contact, as directed by the Executive Director. • Employee must attend meetings and participate in marketing related associations, local community agencies, associations and organizations, in the best interest of the District to stay informed of trends and developments in employee’s area of responsibility. • Employee must attend professional conferences and workshops to promote knowledge in related areas of responsibility • Employee must assist (the Safety Coordinator) in the planning and implementation of a comprehensive public information program, if needed. • Employee must serve on applicable committees, as designated. • Employee must maintain a clean and organized work environment. • Employee must be familiar with and adhere to all policies and procedures outlined in the Full-Time Personnel Policy Manual. • Employee must perform all job tasks within the rules and guidelines of the Addison Park District’s safety program. • Employee must make sure the media library is being completed and up-to-date. • Employee must prepare and/or direct the preparation of board summaries, monthly reports and periodic and special reports, as needed. • Employee must be available to act as District photographer, if needed, for programs and special events (i.e. photograph/videotape District programs, activities, meetings, special events, construction projects, recognition events, etc.). • Employee must complete all other duties/tasks as assigned, directed and/or needed.

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 Addison Park District


Jennifer Hermonson
(630) 688-0223

 Closing Date

Open Until Filled

 Starting Range For the Position is $100,000-$125,000, commensurate with qualifications

Job description fade

The Maine-Niles Association of Special Recreation (M-NASR) is dedicated to improving the quality of life and, through advocacy and awareness, promoting a successful leisure lifestyle for individuals with disabilities. Since 1972, M-NASR has been providing fun, recreational opportunities to individuals of all ages with disabilities. M-NASR is an extension of the Des Plaines, Golf Maine, Morton Grove, Niles, Park Ridge and Skokie Park Districts as well as the Village of Lincolnwood Parks and Recreation Department.

Qualifications, Skills and Personal Characteristics:

Administer and direct the programs and services of M-NASR within the framework of the policies enacted by the M-NASR Board of Directors. Represent the agency through continued contact with the public, community groups, and professional organizations. Responsible for the planning and operation of the entire agency and its personnel.

•Demonstrable ability to provide strategic leadership and long-range planning practices which anticipate future opportunities, issues, and concerns.

•Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation, Recreation Administration, Public or Business Administration or a related field. A Master’s Degree is desirable.

•Minimum of eight (8) to ten (10) years of full-time experience in the field of Therapeutic Recreation, Parks and Recreation, or a related field with increasing responsibility in Management and Operations.

•NCTRC (National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification) or National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) certification is strongly preferred.

•Administer and execute the policies and procedures set forth by the M-NASR Board of Directors.

•Direct the operation of all M-NASR programs and services; supervises administrative operations relative to legal, personnel, fiscal, capital development, public relations planning and other business functions.

•Attend all meetings of the M-NASR Board of Directors. Respond to Board inquiries regarding policy execution, personnel issues, programs, fiscal operation and other concerns of agency staff before the Board of Directors.

•Oversee the development of a flexible program of recreational activities for all segments, groups, ages, and interest levels of residents with disabilities from the partner communities.

•Oversee, control, and administer the annual budget and related materials for the agency.

•Develop cooperative and effective relationship with the Liponi Foundation Board of Trustees, and guide the Liponi Foundation in managing and implementing its fund development strategy.

•Provide leadership to the agency’s staff, constituents, and volunteers.

•Develop cooperative and effective working relationships with community agencies and groups both public and private.

•Prepare and/or direct the preparation of periodic and special factual and analytical reports for the consideration of the M-NASR Board of Directors on subjects including, but not limited to, personnel, financial, programmatic, and capital projects.

•Conduct meetings at which attendance is required for all full-time and office staff.

•Interpret M-NASR policies, objectives, and procedures to professional staff.

•Develop and implement enabling procedures for effective execution of M-NASR Board policy.

•Effectively promote M-NASR programs and facilities.

•Analyze financial and funding needs.

•Determine long-range planning and capital development needs.

•Establish and maintain satisfactory working relationships with M-NASR personnel and the general public.

•Recruit, hire, supervise, train, and evaluate the work of professional employees.

•Remain self-motivated and achieve goals with minimal supervision or direction.

•Perform other duties necessary for the efficient and effective operation of M-NASR, as assigned.

The Board of Directors of the Maine-Niles Association of Special Recreation invites applications for the position of Executive Director. The Board is interested in the selected Executive Director to begin employment at the Association tentatively by June17, 2019. Maine-Niles Association of Special Recreation is an equal opportunity employer.

Applications should be marked Personal and Confidential. All applicant packets must be received by March 15th, 2019 and must contain the information below in order to meet the Board consideration. Each numbered item below needs to be on a separate page. Please do not bind or staple.

  1. Formal cover letter of application indicating reasons you desire to be a candidate.

  2. Current resume needs to include, but not be limited to, employment history, duties, number of employees supervised and budget amount managed.

  3. Provide at least 3 CURRENT (DATED) letters of recommendation. These written references ideally should include a balance of former employers, employees and Board Members.

  4. Please also provide 3 PROFESSIONAL references with complete names, addresses and phone numbers. These references need to be different from those providing letters of recommendation.

  5. Salary history for the past 5 years.

  6. Written permission to contact past employers and permission to have a criminal background check completed.

All applications or inquiries should be referred to:

Laura McCarty, M-NASR Board President, Village of Lincolnwood, 6900 N. Lincoln Ave., Lincolnwood, IL. 60712,, 847-745-4724

Excellent benefit package is offered.

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 Maine-Niles Association of Special Recreation


Laura McCarty

 Closing Date

March 15, 2019

 $17.50 - $18.00 Per Hour

Job description fade

The Buffalo Grove Park District is accepting applications for a Full-time Parks Specialist.


A high school degree or equivalent.
A minimum of one year experience in park maintenance or related field
Must be at least 18 years old
Be available to work overtime as required
Have a valid Illinois driver's license and the ability to upgrade to a class "C" license within six months of employment.
Have an Illinois Public Pesticide Operators License or be able to acquire one within one year of employment.
Must pass pre-employment screenings and background check.


Performs park maintenance and site clean up
Observes and report safety hazards and maintenance issues to supervisors
Operates vehicles and equipment according to safety guidelines
Complies with the district's Personal Policy Manual
Performs daily safety check on hand tools, equipment and vehicles
Demonstrates good judgment and safety awareness
Interacts with the general public and collaborates with co-workers
Participates with snow removal operations
Complete other duties as assigned by Supervisor

Wage: $17.50 - $18.00 per hour

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 Buffalo Grove Park District


Scott Spitz

 Closing Date

Open Until Filled

 Based on experience

Job description fade

Company Overview:
Founded in 1982, MB Real Estate Services Inc. is a full-service real estate organization that provides multifaceted expertise in Asset/Facilities Management; Leasing Services; Project/Construction Management; Tenant Representation; and Investment Services. Headquartered in Chicago, with regional offices in New York City, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Orlando, Central Ohio, Northern Virginia and Tucson, MB Real Estate is one of the fastest growing and most successful real estate providers in the country.

Position Overview:
We are seeking an Operations Coordinator to assist in management of The Chicago Riverwalk operations through implementation of operational procedures, conducting quality assurance walkthroughs and the adherence and enforcement of MB Real Estate and Chicago Riverwalk policies and procedures. The Operations Coordinator will report to the Property Manager and must be able to work various shifts including nights and weekends.


-Supervise various MB Real Estate subcontractors

-Assist in preparing monthly financial reports and supporting operations reports

-Assist in preparing portions of the Operating Budget

-Assist in monitoring of budget and invoicing costs for areas of responsibility

-Report all operational issues to the Property Manager

-Ensure cleaning, security, operational and customer service standards are implemented daily

-Report and assign all findings to appropriate contractors and personnel utilizing work order system

-Enforce existing Riverwalk policies and procedures; develop and implement new policies as needed

-Assist in the development of standard operating procedures (SOPs); alter SOPs as updates occur

-Assist and communicate with City of Chicago staff

-Work and communicate with other departments, team members and partners to ensure the Riverwalk functions effectively

-Conduct daily operational walkthroughs looking for vandalism, breakages, rust, potential hazards, loose hardware, graffiti, etc.

-Inspect for potential damages and repairs such as fencing, breakages, cleanliness, etc.

-Coordinate any scheduled events daily with security, cleaning and other applicable contractors

-Track all incidents and develop reports for the City of Chicago on these incidents as needed

-Oversee and work in conjunction with security contractor for Lost and Found operations

-Understand security and cleaning scheduling and potential projects to coordinate and facilitate their operations to avoid conflicts and maximize efficiency

-Responsible for all building and equipment maintenance

-Perform other responsibilities as assigned


-Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience/education required

-2+ years of previous hospitality, operations and/or management experience preferred

-Excellent oral and written communication skills

-Ability to handle multiple tasks, manage time effectively, establish workflow priorities and work independently

-Prior employment history demonstrating the ability to work in a fast-paced, high-intensity environment while managing multiple tasks and priorities, and produce accurate results in a highly-organized manner

-Proficiency in Microsoft based software

-Experience working with Excel and financial reporting preferred

MB Real Estate offers a competitive benefits package. For consideration, please submit resume and salary requirements. We will contact applicants who meet our requirements. No phone calls please. EOE M/F/D/V

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 MB Real Estate


Becky Gualandri

 Closing Date

Open Until Filled