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The Superintendent of Grounds and Natural Resources reports directly to the Executive Director of the District, and directs the operations, projects, and maintenance activities of the Grounds and Natural Resources division. This position is directly responsible for maintaining and improving the District’s preserves, preserve amenities, and facilities. This position works directly with grounds maintenance and natural resources staff and volunteers, and provides oversight of outside contractors working within preserve areas. This position directs the District’s natural area management and ongoing restoration projects, and provides direct administrative support for day-to-day operations and permitting.

Primary responsibilities of the Superintendent of Grounds and Natural Resources include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Providing for the safety and security of the employees, volunteers, visitors, and District preserve areas;
  2. Supervision, coordination, and direct participation within grounds and building improvement projects including construction, maintenance projects, and natural area restoration projects;
  3. Planning, organizing, and supervising the activities of staff in proper repair and maintenance of mechanical equipment and systems, grounds maintenance, and custodial services for District buildings and preserve areas;
  4. Supervision and management of permitted activities and programs.
  5. Interviewing, selecting, training, and evaluating the work performance of grounds maintenance and custodial services staff;
  6. Setting and adjusting employees’ hours of work;
  7. Apportioning the work among grounds maintenance and custodial service employees and volunteers within the grounds maintenance division;
  8. Preparing and maintaining confidential personnel records;
  9. Handling employee and public complaints and grievances;
  10. Maintaining production and operations records for use in supervision and control of the District’s repair, maintenance and custodial services;
  11. Supporting the preparation of the annual budget for District operations and capital projects;
  12. Managing and overseeing the District’s construction projects, grounds maintenance, and custodial services by setting the schedule for projects, and monitoring all ongoing projects;
  13. Preparing monthly reports on activities for presentation to the District’s Board of Commissioners;
  14. Development of preventative maintenance and recordkeeping procedures, ensuring that such procedures are carried out on a scheduled basis;
  15. Preparation, maintenance and oversight of the inventory, maintenance, and repair records for all of the District’s equipment to ensure such records are accurate, complete and properly preserved pursuant to District policies and procedures;
  16. Responding to off-hour emergency issues from preserve users.
  17. Safely and effectively operating, maintaining and repairing the District’s vehicles, tools and equipment including, but not limited to, small dump trucks, snow blowers, salt spreaders, sod cutters, rototiller, chain saws, trimmers, sweepers, front end loaders, backhoes, forklifts, welders, sandblasters, grinders, cutting torches, air sprayers, power washers, chainsaws, and other mechanical tools.
  18. Directing and overseeing controlled burns, brush removal, seed collecting and other natural area management tasks at District locations and preserves.
  19. Composing and supporting grant administration for preserve improvement and natural areas management projects.

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 Kendall County Forest Preserve District


David Guritz

 Closing Date

February 28, 2019

 $400 / Week

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The Recreation Intern is a temporary position that reports to the Director of Recreation. The Recreation Intern will be exposed to a broad range of Recreation Management concepts, situations, and experiences meant to provide additional training and educational experience to college students who wish to find a position in the field of Recreation (or similar) field upon the completion of their undergraduate or graduate degree. Being selected as a Recreation Intern does not guarantee employment with the Gurnee Park District upon completion. Recreation Interns should be available to work consistent with the hours prescribed by their college or university program which may include evenings and /or weekends.


• Education: Must be a student in good academic standing currently enrolled in, or have recently completed, a college undergraduate or graduate degree. Preference is given to students majoring in the field of Recreation Management (or a related field).
• Skills: Must be able to take direction and assist in planning, leading, managing, troubleshooting and evaluating recreational events, programs and facilities. Must be comfortable in front of large crowds of people, and comfortable leading activities. Must work well with people of all ages, especially children. Must be able to use basic reading, writing, and computer skills to learn, understand, and apply Park District policies and procedures. • Certifications: Valid Driver’s License, First-Aid, CPR, and AED certification (or ability to obtain one within first 2 weeks of hire – training provided) • Competencies: Candidates must demonstrate through a personal interview and reference check that they are able to work with people of all ages, especially children, and possess a basic knowledge of the Recreation Industry such that they can understand the tasks they will be provided.


The ideal Recreation Intern should be motivated with strong multi-tasking skills, great attention to detail and strong interpersonal communication skills. Under the supervision of the Director of Recreation and experienced Park District staff, Recreation Interns will have the opportunity to expand their education by learning how recreation facilities, programs, and events operate, understanding the roles of Park District staff, and becoming familiar safety standards and procedures. Recreation Interns will be asked to “shadow” and assist Park District staff with certain tasks and functions which include, but are not limited to, performing various administrative functions to support Park District programs; attending and observing meetings; performing research and writing assignments; and assisting Park District staff with the development of assigned projects.


  • Movement of supplies, equipment and uniforms is necessary, generally up to 50 lbs. Bending, twisting and kneeling may be necessary in support of the programming areas.
  • Work performed will be at indoor and outdoor environments so exposure to the sun, light rain, wind, and other weather factors who should be expected as well as exposure to extreme temperatures while working outdoors.


This is an unpaid internship. The Park District does provide a weekly $400 stipend as long as there is sufficient funding.


It is expected that all Gurnee Park District Staff comply with the policies and procedures as set forth by the Gurnee Park District Board of Commissioners. Resources that outline these policies and procedures include the Personnel Policy Manual, Safety Manual, Departmental Manual, Area or Job Specific Manuals and other written or verbal procedures as provided by your supervisor. As all situations cannot be documented even in manuals such as these, it is further expected that your actions as an employee are always performed with safety in mind, respect of your fellow staff and customers in mind, and at the direction of your supervisor. The Gurnee Park District has developed the SOFFI Customer Service Standards as a guide to our agency’s expectations and recommendations for successful work behavior. It is expected that all staff learn and understand these policies and procedures.


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 Gurnee Park District


Michael Wick

 Closing Date

Open Until Filled

 $55,367 to $62,288 depending on experience

Job description fade

Job Description: The Bolingbrook Park District has a job opening for a Facility/Athletics Manager for our ACC-Annerino Community Center. This position reports to the Superintendent of Recreation and is responsible for coordinating, scheduling and planning for programs and activities within the ACC and for the planning, promotion, implementation and supervision of youth and adult athletic programs and activities. This position shares the responsibility to serve as a first aid and CPR/AED instructor to support staff.

Education, Experience & Training: Bachelor's degree in parks & recreation, facility management, business or related field. At least three years of responsible administration and/or supervisory experience in the field of parks and recreation. Strong programming management and special event experience in the field of parks & recreation. Be a certified trainer in first aid and CPR/AED or pass instructor certification within six months of hire. Certified Park and Recreation Professional preferred. Valid driver's license and use of a car during work hours.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Thorough knowledge of program management and special event administration and the ability to effectively communicate operation of the facility and programming to others. Strong management, organization, and customer service skills and a working knowledge of marketing, labor laws, and safety. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite of Programs required and working knowledge of Vermont Systems (VSI-Rectrac) preferred.

Responsibilities: Responsible for the Annerino Community Center, including the safety, maintenance and alarm codes. Position recruits, hires, trains, coaches and evaluates staff for facilities, athletics and assigned programs to create an environment for success and is responsible for staff bi-weekly payroll. Process facility, athletic and program rentals and be the liaison to community and sports groups. Maintain records and rankings and stay current on sports trends to create new events and programs. Purchase materials and analyze budgets for the community center and athletic programs and report monthly KPIs to management. Meet with managers and keep open communication with staff to evaluate and report facility needs and requests for capital projects. Work with marketing to promote facility and programs. Provide information for monthly Customer Care staff newsletter. Work as a team and provide a positive environment for staff and visitors.

Other: This position is full time salary exempt but position must carry park district provided phone 24/7 for on-call emergencies.

Please provide a cover letter and resume when applying for this position at: Select About Us, Employment and then select 'Click Here to Apply'. From list on the right, select Recreation and view the job and the full job description will be located in the lower right hand corner. Last day to apply is February 26, 2019.

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 Bolingbrook Park District


Kai Wahlgren

 Closing Date

Open Until Filled

 $18.79-$23.49 per hour

Job description fade

The purpose of this position is to perform a variety of skilled tasks to maintain and repair the building facilities and vehicles owned by LWSRA. Also, responsible to supervise building janitorial staff and drivers.

Qualifications 1. High School Diploma or equivalent. College or trade school graduate preferred. 2. Knowledge of HVAC, Plumbing, electrical and carpentry. 3. Knowledge of OSHA. 4.. One year experience with persons with a wide range of abilities, and an awareness of issues arising in the transportation of people with disabilities. 5. Knowledge of vehicle maintenance, the ability to perform simple and routine maintenance of LWSRA vehicles, and the ability to identify any maintenance and safety concerns with the vehicles. 6. Knowledge and ability to keep records and building documents organized, and also have the ability to meet deadlines in a timely manner. 7. Excellent problem solving skills and good written and oral communication skills. 8. Demonstrable knowledge of budget processes, techniques and budgetary skills. 9. Driving history clear of moving violations as evidenced on an Illinois Court Purposes Driver’s Abstract. 10. Passing IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) drug and alcohol screening. 11. To be trained on policies and procedures regarding Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Immediate Supervisor Superintendent of Recreation

Duties 1. Oversee the cleaning and sanitizing of restrooms and replenishing of supplies. Oversee the cleaning of spills; cleans drinking fountains; cleans mirrors, tables, walls, fixtures, blinds, lighting fixtures, etc 2. Picks up litter from building grounds when necessary. 3. Performs minor semi-skilled interior building maintenance and repairs such as painting, floor covering, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, mechanical and other unskilled and semi-skilled trades of work. 4. Inspect and maintain assigned custodial equipment and small tools for proper operating conditions. 5. Opens and closes, locks and unlocks, facility as needed. 6. Maintain current skills and knowledge in the proper and safe techniques of building maintenance. 7. Through a preventative maintenance program, inspect and maintain proper operations of all mechanical, electrical, HVAC, kitchen equipment and plumbing. 8. Keep up-to-date records and reports on inspections of and service to equipment; submit reports as required. 9. Perform maintenance and minor repairs to all building fixtures, equipment, furnishings and building structure. 10. Maintain and perform minor repairs to fitness equipment. 11. Make emergency repairs. 12. Perform maintenance and minor repairs to exterior electrical and irrigation systems. 13. Perform all job tasks within the rules and guidelines of the agency’s safety program. 14. Construct shelving, desks, signs, etc. 15. Perform other work assignments as assigned by the Director and Superintendent. 16. Perform work in confined space following confined space procedures. 17. Prepare, or assist in preparing, transportation routes as requested. 18. Oversee compliance with recommended maintenance and safety schedules for LWSRA vehicles and maintain records of all maintenance, safety inspections and repairs of vehicles. 19. Assist in recruiting and interviewing potential drivers, and perform orientation and training of new drivers and bus aides. 20. Coordinate and perform periodic testing and evaluation of all LWSRA drivers in appropriate vehicle(s), including I.D.O.T. training every two years. 21. Assist, and work closely with, all staff to ensure the safety of transportation services. 22. Assist in the establishment and management of safety incentive programs for drivers. 23. Work closely with the Superintendent of Recreation in keeping vehicles maintained and in good repair while adhering to LWSRA budgetary constraints. 24. Assist in developing methods or materials for the evaluation of transportation services and agency meetings which address the safety performance of all drivers and bus aides. 25. Develop skills and abilities necessary to carry out assigned duties by attending PDRMA’s Risk Management Institute, meetings, conferences, in-service training, workshops and other opportunities for development. 26. Assist in the development and/or keep current a vehicle replacement schedule. 27. Utilizes a time management and work assignment system that is easily followed and tracked.

Safety Responsibilities 1. Actively support the safety of LWSRA programs and events by obeying and enforcing safety rules and procedures. 2. Work closely with the Safety manager and Program Leaders in conduction routine documented safety inspections/facility inspections checklists of program sites and activities. 3. Seek out and identify safety hazards and encourage their correction and removal. 4. Provide ideas to the Safety Manager for developing ongoing safety training programs. 5. Promptly and properly report all accidents and incidents occurring within the course of employment, no matter how minor, or to ensure the timely completion of Incident Reports by Program Leaders. 6. Attend LWSRA Safety meetings, available workshops and seminars to enhance safety performance. 7. Actively support the safety program by obeying and enforcing safety rules and procedures. 8. Assist management in the enforcement of safety rules and regulations. 9. Process pertinent paperwork concerning insurance claims. 10. Seek out and identify safety hazards and develop and implement their correction and removal. 11. Promptly and properly report all accidents and incidents occurring within the course of employment.

Marginal Functions 1. Prepare, receive and understand written material, whether by mail, facsimile, or email. 2. Develop long range capital building & transportation related improvement recommendations. 3. Recommend building & transportation related equipment, supplies, and materials for purchase. 4. Develop and maintain cooperative relationships with other public agencies in regards to transportation and maintenance issues. 5. Solve problems regarding conflicting demand for building and transportation. 6. Answer phone calls and emails outside of regular business hours as needed.

Mathematical Ability Requires the ability to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; calculate percentages and decimals. May require the ability to perform mathematical operations with fractions, ratios and proportions; calculate surface areas.

Psychological Considerations 1. Ability to work independently in day-to-day operations. 2. Ability to work in a team atmosphere. 3. Ability to utilize computer skills, including proficiency in word processing and basic spreadsheet applications. 4. Must be able to function effectively in a fast-paced environment. 5. Must be able to deal with people under stressful and demanding situations. 6. Ability to maintain positive and effective working relationships with supervisors and other staff members.

Environmental Considerations 1. May be required to work outdoors during various weather conditions, including hot and cold temperatures.

Physical Requirements Sitting: Minimum of 20 hours a week (desk, meetings, vehicles). Stooping: To gather materials, repairs, etc Lifting: As needed for maintenance, repairs, able to lift 50 lbs alone, Carrying: As needed for maintenance, repairs and programs. Standing: Minimum of 3-6 hours a week. Bend, Reach, etc.: Secure a wheelchair into a tie-down in vehicle. Transportation: Ability to get to and from work and programs.

Send resume to Heather Specht at

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 Lincolnway Special Recreation Association


Heather Specht

 Closing Date

February 10, 2019


Job description fade

Swing Shift Visitor Service & Safety Officer

Department: Visitor Services Reports to: Chief Security Officer Location: Wheaton, IL

Opportunity The Visitor Service and Safety Officer ensures the security and safety of the staff and visitors, and the physical assets of Cantigny Park. This position also supports the implementation of the Foundation’s special events and programs throughout the year. The ideal candidate has experience in visitor services, security, parks and recreation, or other related fields; and is committed to providing a high level of customer service to visitors. This is a swing shift position (12pm to 8:30pm, Thursday through Monday).

Responsibilities • Monitor the security and communications equipment in the Operation Center following standard procedures as outlined in the general and specific orders • Respond to fire and burglar alarms and follow established procedures • Become knowledgeable in a wide range of information regarding the McCormick Foundation to relay accurate and timely information to visitor inquiries • While on patrol, make continual security and safety checks of all facilities and grounds and report all findings to the operations officer. Document all incidents and communicate with supervisors if required. • Assist in the implementation of the special activities program to include but not limited to, set up and break down, assisting vendors with transporting supplies, moving tables/chairs and putting up tents • Use established crowd control and parking procedures when required • Enforce all Cantigny rules and regulations • Be able and willing to make foot patrols in all weather conditions • Operate the cash register in the park entrance booth • Be knowledgeable in procedures for all shifts if required to work them • Respond to visitor assistance calls to include first aid, tram service, motorist assist and any other assistance issues that arise • Perform light maintenance on the grounds when required • Assist the Cleaning Team with trash removal when required • Answer the main Cantigny phone line in the absence of the Park Registrar • Participate in an on-going professional development program with the guidance of your supervisor • Provide for personal safety in the workplace by attending and completing all required safety training, knowing and following existing safety rules including the applicable use of personal protection equipment, the proper operation of tools/machinery and proper handling of hazardous materials, and reporting any unsafe conditions to respective supervisor

Qualifications • Experience in visitor service, security, parks and recreation, safety or related field • Excellent listening, written, and verbal communication skills; must be proficient in English • Basic computer skills • Must be able to walk for extended periods of time and be able to lift at least 70 lbs. to just above the waist • Must find satisfaction in working with the public and possess an outgoing, friendly, courteous, and enthusiastic personality • Valid Illinois driver's license • Must be available to work weekends, evenings, and holidays • Must become trained in in First Aid, C.P.R. and Automated External Defibrillator and maintain valid certification • Must attend Cantigny Park’s Child Safety Training and become a mandated reporter • All offers are contingent upon successful completion of a criminal background check and drug screening

To apply: submit a resume and cover letter online here:

Cantigny Park and the Robert R. McCormick Foundation provide equal employment opportunity (EEO) to all persons regardless of age, color, national origin, citizenship status, individuals with disabilities, race, religion, creed, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, genetic information, marital and housing status.

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 Cantigny Park


Whitney Wade

 Closing Date

Open Until Filled